Watch: the Western Cape’s hard-hitting video to stop texting and driving

The Western Cape government has launched a fresh road safety campaign aimed at reducing the number of people killed on the province’s roads.

The latest campaign is focused squarely on drivers using their mobile phones while driving, on top of the well travelled message against drinking and driving.

Under the tag “It Can Wait”, the campaign message encourages phone users to put away their phones when they’re behind the wheel, saying that no text message or phone call is worth your life.

The video shows a number of CCTV videos capturing people clumsily tripping and walking into things while on their phones. It then cuts to an inside-look at a car crashing, as the driver sits on her phone.

The message of the video is laid out explicitly: “You can’t even text and walk, so why do you text and drive?”

Watch the video below:

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