Volvo launches R2.5 million bullet-proof SUV in South Africa

 ·28 Nov 2023

Volvo Car South Africa has announced that a special armoured version of the XC90 flagship SUV has joined its local line-up, with a starting price of R2.5 million.

Volvo noted that the new addition offers select clients the option of ordering discreet ballistic protection directly from the Swedish luxury manufacturer.

The armoured XC90 provides certified 360-degree ballistic protection according to the NIJ-IIIA standard without compromising either comfort or performance, the automaker said.

The ballistic certification test is carried out on the complete vehicle based on the stringent NIJ-IIIA standard in combination with the VPAM BRV 2009 standard (B4). The armoured XC90 is thus rated to withstand handgun fire.

All armouring materials – from the reinforced laminated glass to the high-strength steel plating and special aramid composites – are discreetly integrated into the SUV’s existing design to protect the vehicle’s occupants without ever being seen.

The XC90’s clean Scandinavian styling, meanwhile, provides a luxurious look without attracting any unnecessary attention, Volvo added.

Additionally, the XC90’s chassis, as well as its braking system, have been optimised to support the added armouring weight (which comes in at approximately 300 kg), resulting in the SUV’s fundamental properties remaining largely unchanged compared with those of the standard car.

Greg Maruszewski, Volvo Car South Africa Managing Director, said the armoured XC90 represents the ideal choice for a select group of special customers who require a heightened level of protection.

“We’ve noted a rising demand for armoured vehicles both globally and here in South Africa, with the Volvo Cars Special Vehicles division having received numerous requests to develop an XC90 with ballistic protection over the past few years.

“The addition of this special derivative to our local range means we can now provide a factory-backed solution to select individuals who desire that extra layer of protection,” said Maruszewski.

Since the armoured XC90 is fully approved by Volvo, the vehicle’s standard five-year/100 000 km manufacturer warranty, as well as a maintenance plan, remains in place.

Local pricing for the special protection version of the XC90 starts at R2.5 million (including VAT).

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