Business Talk – Iridium founder Simon Magner on the advantages of admin automation

 ·28 Mar 2024

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Iridium Business Solutions founder and Managing Director Simon Magner explains why business owners must automate their administration tasks.

Magner is a qualified Chartered Accountant and leads a team of tech-savvy Iridium accountants who deliver tailored and outsourced solutions to their clients.

He boasts over 10 years of experience providing world-class cloud accounting, financial planning, tax compliance, and management consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Thanks to his skilled leadership, Iridium was named Xero Partner of the Year for 2023 and has become one of South Africa’s foremost financial management and advisory assistance firms.

The interview

Magner begins the interview by explaining why he founded Iridium, before unpacking the company’s relationship with cloud-based accounting software provider Xero.

He then details how Iridium works with its business owner clients to maximise the value of Xero’s world-class software, and provides insight into how admin automation benefits small and medium-sized businesses.

He concludes the interview by expanding on the importance of Xero in Iridium’s success – particularly focusing on Xero’s admin automation features.

Watch the full interview with Simon Magner below.

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