Google and other map apps are worth over R50 billion to South Africa

Google has launched a report detailing the impact of digital geospatial services on the South African economy.

The study shows that mapping tools, including Google Maps, are making positive economic contributions around the globe to employment, emergency response and time management.

According to the report, digital mapping services provide South African consumers with R50 billion in annual benefits.

This includes around 100 million hours per year from more efficient purchases through information on digital maps, or R5 billion based on local wage rates.

Businesses have also benefitted from digital mapping services, having supported around R456 billion in sales for South African businesses by providing useful facts such as store hours, contact information and reviews.

“Digital Maps have become powerful tools for policymakers to ensure the safety of their citizens, and for companies and consumers to save time and money when managing their daily affairs,” said Fortune Sibanda, public policy and government relationships manager at Google South Africa.

“They aren’t just a way of making it easier for people to get around, they’re tools for exploration, business, and education.

“And their benefits are far bigger than people may think.

“We discovered that geospatial services not only make life easier – by helping people turn their intentions of finding a place into actions of getting there – but also support the global economy by creating tangible benefits for businesses and consumers,” Sibanda said.

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Google and other map apps are worth over R50 billion to South Africa