This app allows you to invest in cattle – here’s how much it costs

 ·29 Jul 2019

While cattle have long been considered a source of wealth for many South Africans, investors are now choosing to buy into livestock directly.

Reuters reports that mobile app, Livestock Wealth, allows users to buy shares in a cow from their mobile phone starting at R576.

In addition to buying shares, users can also buy their own cows and calves or shares in a pregnant cow or young calf.

A pregnant cow costs R18,730 and takes 12 months before the newborn calf can be sold for a return, while investing in a calf costs R11,529 and takes six months for it to grow enough to be sold.

Individually, a six to eight-month old calf, which is sourced from preferred farmers, is raised at the farm until it reaches a mature age of 30 – 33 months, after which it is slaughtered to produce high value free-range, hormone-free, grass-fed beef.

The meat is sold online, or through bulk wholesale to niche export markets, and the owner – or investor if you will – makes a return of between and 10% p.a. and 15% p.a. from the sale of the meat.

Livestock Wealth is not the only South African app which allows you to invest in alternative and unique investments.

In 2018 financial services provider, FedGroup, released an app which allows users to generate an income by owning assets in various farming ventures.

At launch, the choice of assets included blueberry bushes, beehives where sustainable honey is produced, and urban solar farms that generate electricity.

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