Business Talk – UiPath Co-CEO Rob Enslin on the importance of automation and AI when doing business in South Africa

 ·14 Sep 2023

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Rob Enslin – UiPath Co-CEO – discusses how AI and automation are changing business operations in South Africa.

Enslin is a business veteran with over 30 years of experience across industries in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Prior to becoming the Co-CEO at UiPath, he served as the President of Cloud Sales at Google Cloud.

Enslin also worked at SAP, where he developed and managed its cloud product portfolio and led field revenue and enablement efforts.

The interview

In his Business Talk interview, Enslin discusses what UiPath does and how it is helping South African businesses leverage the full benefits of automation technology.

He highlights specific industries or business areas where automation has been adopted more quickly than the general rate.

Enslin also touches on the concerns around automation – specifically, the issue of how it is replacing certain jobs.

He concludes the discussion by outlining the steps UiPath is taking to support technology skill creation – ensuring that as automation and AI change the business world, South Africans will stay employed.

Watch the full interview with Rob Enslin below.

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