Business Talk – Wipro MD for Africa Warren Zambelli on drivers of successful transformation

 ·19 Oct 2023

In this Business Talk with Michael Avery interview, Wipro’s MD for Africa – Warren Zambelli – talks about Wipro’s work on the continent and the drivers of successful transformation.

Zambelli has over 20 years of experience across capital markets, banking, insurance, telecoms, and retail.

He previously worked as a Banker and a Liabilities Manager at Nedbank, before joining Accenture as a Senior Analyst in 2006.

In 2016, Zambelli joined Mastercard as its Advisors Division Lead for South Africa, before taking on his current MD role at Wipro in 2022.

His vast experience across African markets has equipped him for his role at Wipro and will see him lead the company towards sustainable growth.

Interview with Warren Zambelli

In this interview, Zambelli talks about the experience that has prepared him for, and led him to, his current role as Wipro MD for Africa.

He then unpacks the services Wipro offers in South Africa and highlights what differentiates it in the region.

Zambelli also talks about clients’ willingness to invest in technology on the continent and gives his perspective on the right ingredients for a successful transformation programme.

Finally, Zambelli provides his predictions for Wipro’s future in Africa.

The full interview with Warren Zambelli is embedded below.

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