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Let’s Talk AI – EY Africa’s Kavi Pather explains why AI innovation is vital for businesses

 ·17 Oct 2023

In this Let’s Talk AI interview, Michael Avery meets with Kavi Pather – the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Leader for EY Africa – to discuss the importance of AI innovation.

Pather holds a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and an Honours in Actuarial Science from Wits University – where he also lectured.

In 2011, while lecturing Actuarial Science at Wits University, Pather joined EY as a Partner before becoming the Actuarial, Quants, and Data Science Leader for EY Africa in 2016.

Pather then took on his current position as Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Leader in 2021 – where he has been striving to build a better world.

He also recently adopted the position of Global Insurance Generative AI Coordinator for EY, and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries in the United Kingdom.

Let’s Talk AI interview

In this interview, Pather unpacks why AI innovation must be a priority for companies and highlights why it is different from other ‘tech buzzwords’.

He touches on how companies outside the tech industry can compete in the AI race and where they should be directing their AI innovation efforts.

Pather then details the strengths and weaknesses of AI, and provides several ground-breaking examples of recent AI applications.

He concludes by offering his insights into the future of AI and suggests whether a ‘Terminator’ outcome is possible.

Watch the full interview with Kavi Pather below.

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