Watch: Brouhaha in Parliament after Zuma called ‘JZ 783’

A new day, a new clash in Parliament. This time it was DA MP Denise Robinson who started the ruckus after she referred to president Jacob Zuma, as ‘JZ 783’.

The number relates to the 783 fraud, racketeering and corruption charges charges against the president.

No sooner were the words out of her mouth when the ANC African National Congress called for Robinson to withdraw her comment, calling the term offensive.

Mbete sided with the ANC, calling the reference derogatory, and asked Robinson to withdraw her comment.

Robinson, along with DA chief whip John Steenhuisen, who demanded to be heard, declined to do so after questioning how the term could be viewed as derogatory.

Following a brouhaha Mbete asked Robinson to leave the podium, at which point Steenhuisen and DA party members staged a walkout.

Steenhuisen said that Mbete had poor understanding of the laws of Parliament, adding that he would see her in court, again.

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Watch: Brouhaha in Parliament after Zuma called ‘JZ 783’