Why online biographies are more critical than CVs

 ·9 Feb 2019

The job market has changed a lot over the last five years, and now, it is more important than ever to incorporate everything from social media and networking events to online job boards in your search.

Obviously, this calls for something more impactful than just a two-page CV.

According to Talent Share, a digital recruitment marketing platform, CVs have become a thing of the past and the secret to landing your dream job these days lies in having an online biography.

“You still need a CV even if you have a concise online biography,” said a representative from Talent Share. He continued to say that: “CVs do still matter in 2019, but online bios have proven to be much more effective at helping hopeful job seekers find their next important job.”

Why online biographies are more critical than CVs

A CV isn’t the only thing you need in your arsenal these days if you want to land the job of your dreams.

We live in a digital world where everyone communicates through online platforms, which explains why a good online bio will keep you up to speed with the changing times.

Everything, from your LinkedIn profile to your online biography builds your reputation, and essentially, the success you will have in your career.

Yes, your CV might contain ALL your career experience, but a bio is a much shorter version of it and focuses solely on bolstering credibility.

The statements above are seen in a positive light when considering research by job aggregator Adzuna finds that most CVs contain errors.

Online biographies put the control in your hands

Unlike a Curriculum Vitae which is a document that cannot be updated once you submit it to a recruitment department, an online bio enables job seekers to choose what they wish to share.

Once you create your biography, you decide what type of information you want to share, and you have the power to tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Depending on the type of relationship you would like to establish with your readers, you can write your bio in the first-or-third person and go back to edit it any time on talent share.

After successfully crafting your online biography, it can be used to help you build your professional community and connect with like-minded individuals before you start the actual job search process.

The basics of an online bio

To craft the most professional online biography, it is important to remember that oversharing is not the goal at hand. Never share any personal details about yourself (such as full names, ID number, ethnic group, current employer, or your CV) in your bio.

Your online biography is a summary of what you can bring to any employer’s table.

Details like your current job title, notice period, experience and skills, major achievements, education and accomplishments should be listed in your bio. Online bios make the task of shortlisting possible candidates easier for a recruitment agent, which means that your optimised bio boosts your chances of being spotted.

The next time you consider applying for a new job, remember that it is just as important to edit and update your online biography than it is to rewrite your CV.

In fact, your bio can be seen as a professional Facebook status update. Your online biography is always at work, 24/7, and depending on how hard you worked on it, it is either working for you or against you.

With an online bio, you are putting your experience and expertise on display to the world, not just an employer’s HR department.

Gone are the days when CVs were our best (and probably only) career development tools. Your online biography is flexible, accessible and useful in an abundance of ways and it can be used every day, regardless of whether or not you are ready to apply for that next big gig.

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