Stop e-toll negativity: Sanral CEO

Sanral‘s CEO, Nazir Alli says that South African’s have a propensity to focus on the downside, rather than focus on the upside of a project like Gauteng’s e-tolling sytem.

Speaking on SABC News, Alli said: “Let’s talk about the kind of jobs we’ve created…these are first-time jobs, and if you come to the centre in Midrand you will see there is something like 1,300 people which have been employed directly on this particular project.”

“That is something we need to take into account – the benefits which accrue, other than to the motorists in terms of time saving etc, rather than us always being negative about these things…”

“We’ve got a propensity in South Africa to look at the downside, and not look at the upside of this (e-tolling). There’s huge benefits as well to the motorists that will happen,” he said.

Public comment

The proposed tariffs for e-tolling have been published in the Government Gazette and the public has 30 days to comment.

Alli said: “I think the minister (Transport Minister Dipuo Peters) will consider all the inputs that have been made.”

“Comments that were made, submissions that she may have received or may not have received, and thereafter the minister will pronounce on the actual start date,” Alli said.

“As the minister has also confirmed previously, toll collection will start before the end of the year.”

“This is the law in the country, it has always been since the Sanral Act has come into being way back in 1998 – that if you do travel on a toll road and if you do not pay… it is an offense not to pay because you disobey the law.”

“I believe, generally, that our citizens will pay at the end of the day,” the chief executive said.

Non paying citizens

For non-complying citizens, Alli said: “First of all we will follow a normal debt collection process. Only after the debt collection process has been exhausted, will the non-payers, the violators – be served with a summons, then the usual and normal course of justice will take place.”

Technical glitches

Sanral has admitted to technical glitches on the e-toll system for Gauteng, where people who have paid for e-tags have been billed before its implementation.

“There has been a couple of instances,” Alli admitted, “and we apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused.”

“At one time it was the banking system, what they call the hyphen system…which was the culprit. It wasn’t our system which was causing the hiccup; it was the hyphen system, which has been sorted out.”

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Stop e-toll negativity: Sanral CEO