Helping business flow – Dr Simon Kekana discusses the challenges facing South African education

 ·12 Sep 2022

Dr Simon Kekana is the Head of STADIO’s new world-class Centurion Campus.

The Centurion Campus represents STADIO’s new vision for Higher Education and is an inspiring milestone in its journey to improving the state of education in South Africa.

This campus is a modern environment with world-class facilities and affordable accommodation, and Dr Kekana has played a vital role in its realisation.

Dr Kekana provides valuable insight into the South African Higher Education sector in this Helping business flow episode with Michael Avery.

He highlights the challenges this sector faces – such as a shortage of qualified teachers, a lack of discipline in schools, and a poorly resourced education system.

Dr Kekana then explains how STADIO and private education are helping to solve these problems and the overall skills shortage in South Africa.

He also talks about how STADIO is focused on equipping South African students to get into the job market by improving access to education.

Finally, Dr Kekana talks about STADIO’s plans for the future and explains how listeners can get in touch with STADIO.

The full interview with Dr Simon Kekana can be watched below.

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