Toyota dealerships now offer a R300,000 bullet-proof package for Hilux bakkies in South Africa

 ·21 Mar 2024

Toyota, in partnership with SVI Engineering, has announced that they now offer an armouring package for specific versions of the Hilux Single Cab – which provides protection against handguns and even assault rifles.

In a media statement released on Monday (18 March), SVI Engineering – a manufacturer of armoured products in South Africa – noted that its Stopgun V2.0 armouring package for specific versions of the Hilux Single Cab is now fully approved by Toyota and available to order directly from any of Toyota’s 200-plus dealerships countrywide.

“As a result, the bakkie’s standard manufacturer warranty and service plan remain intact, while the entire package – including the price of the base vehicle and the cost of the armouring kit – can be fully financed,” said SVI.

Benny Jiyane (left), Chairman of SVI Engineering, receives the Toyota Authorised Partner certificate from Aidan Castille, GM Sales Conversions & Accessories at Toyota South Africa Motors

The Stopgun V2.0 package can be ordered from Toyota dealers as an optional conversion for any of the following four Hilux Single Cab derivatives:

  • 2.4 GD-6 SR 6MT,
  • 2.4 GD-6 4×4 SR 6MT,
  • 2.4 GD-6 RB Raider 6MT, and
  • 2.4 GD-6 4×4 Raider 6MT.

As a reminder, level B6 armour provides protection against assault rifles, including AK47, R1 and R5.

The Toyota-approved B6 Stopgun V2.0 armouring package for any of the four Hilux Single Cab derivatives listed above is priced at R333,753 (excluding VAT).

The kit takes just three weeks to install at SVI’s factory outside Pretoria.

“We’re exceptionally proud of our partnership with South Africa’s best-selling automaker.

“Already well proven in the field, our Stopgun V2.0 package has also passed Toyota’s rigorous durability test, which in itself is the ultimate stamp of approval,” said Nicol Louw, SVI Business Development Director.

SVI added that its Stopgun V2.0 package was subjected to a comprehensive durability programme that included two 8,000 km stints on Toyota SA Motors’ dedicated durability track in KwaZulu-Natal.

“With each run representing 100,000 km of real-world usage, the product was effectively put through a gruelling 200,000 km evaluation,” it said.

“A full teardown followed to allow Toyota’s engineers to inspect the status of all items, while the uprated door hinges and mounting points (plus the door-check straps) – which SVI includes in the package to offset the additional mass of the various B6 armouring components – were put through as many as 20,000 opening-and-closing cycles,” it added.

B6 Stopgun V2.0 specs

SVI’s Stopgun V2.0 package provides South Africa’s security forces with a cost-effective B6 armouring solution to combat general crime, escort valuables in transit or use for mining patrols.

Featuring unobtrusive integrated door armour, the Stopgun V2.0 option also incorporates flat 38 mm armoured glass that is bolted into each window frame to allow for fuss-free replacement should damage be sustained during an attack.

In addition to the integrated door armour and ballistic glass, the roof, front fenders, all pillars and part of the firewall gain B6 bullet-resistant protection courtesy of custom-fabricated armoured steel plates, as do critical under-bonnet components such as the battery and ABS unit.

Additionally, the curtain airbag in the Hilux Single Cab derivatives in question remains fully functional.

Gunports are provided as standard but can be deleted upon request, while a front suspension upgrade is also included in the price, along with the uprated door hinges mentioned earlier.

In addition, the rear bumper is reinforced as standard.

SVI provides a wide range of armoured packages suitable for various types of vehicles, including single and double-cab bakkies, medium and large SUVs, sedans, and minibuses.

Their prices range from R588,000 to just over R1.2 million, depending on the type of vehicle and the level of armour required.

B6 Stopgun V2.0 Toyota Hilux single cab

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