Cyril Ramaphosa’s salary vs other world leaders – and the average South African

On average world leaders earn six times more than their citizens.

This is according to research by jobs website Adzuna, which compared the annual salaries of leaders from 45 nations with the average income of their population.

For the investigation, Adzuna researched the latest media reports on the salaries of the respective politicians, compared with the information from the Wage Indicator Foundation.

For the average income of the populations, the World Bank’s data on gross national income per capita (as of 2017) was used.

Adzuna found that South African president Cyril Ramaphosa ranked in first place – earning R3.6 million – 19 times more than the average South African at R191,572.

In second place is Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long of Singapore, who commands a hefty pay packet of R23.3 million, 18 times higher than his compatriots.

Tied for last in the study are China and Vietnam. In both nations, the leaders almost earn on parity with the population. China’s President Xi Jingping earns R289,901, whereas the average worker in China brings home R245,822 per year.

“This study doesn’t take into account the wealth many of these world leaders accumulated before they entered politics,” said Adzuna CEO Raife Watson.

“Our former Prime Minister was a millionaire many times over before he joined the Australian parliament, which is why he had the capacity to donate a million dollars to his own party during an election campaign,” Watson said.

This is also the case for South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa, who has a net worth of approximately R6.4 billion as of July 2018.

In the ranking of the top-paid leaders overall, Ramaphosa ranks as the 12 highest paid.

Original figures were reported in Australian dollars. Conversions were calculated at R10.53/AUD$1. Figures have been rounded to the nearest 100.

Rank Nation Leader Leader salary Average salary Multiplier
1 South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa R3.6 million R191 600 18.8
2 Singapore Lee Hsien Loong R23.3 million R1.3 million 17.6
3 India Ram Nath Kovind R1.2 million R103 400 11.5
4 Russia Vladimir Putin R4.1 million R366 200 11.3
5 Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez R629 000 R67 800 9.3
6 Indonesia Joko Widodo R1.4 million R174 600 8.2
7 Chile Sebastian Pinera R2.8 million R347 500 8.0
8 Cambodia Hun Sen R432 300 R55 900 7.7
9 New Zealand Jacinda Ardern R4.5 million R583 200 7.7
10 Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid R3.5 million R456 000 7.7
11 Germany Angela Merkel R5.6 million R759 500 7.4
12 Italy Sergio Mattarella R4.1 million R547 600 7.4
13 Switzerland Alain Berset R6.6 million R962 900 6.9
14 USA Donald Trump R5.8 million R883 300 6.6
15 Australia Scott Morrison R5.6 million R868 000 6.4
16 Egypt Abdul Fattah Al Sisi R1.1 million R166 100 6.3
17 Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto R1.6 million R262 800 6.3
18 Japan Shinzō Abe R4.1 million R657 800 6.3
19 Austria Sebastian Kurz R4.5 million R771 400 5.9
20 South Korea Moon Jae-in R2.9 million R562 900 5.2

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Cyril Ramaphosa’s salary vs other world leaders – and the average South African