Inside South Africa’s most expensive house

 ·12 Aug 2015

South Africa has a new title holder for “The most expensive home in SA” – and it comes in the form of a house called Casablanca in Camps Bay.

When is a house not a house, though? When it’s a mansion. The “single family home” that is taking the title of South Africa’s most expensive house is located on Geneva Road in Camps Bay, listed for a cool price of $35 million – or R450 million.

The 3,100 square metre house (under roof) is priced at $1,000 per square metre (R12,800), and features 8 bedrooms, 13 full bathrooms and parking for 14 cars.

It even has its own mini-theatre.

The selling price is so stupidly high, it actually dwarfs the amount spent on the security upgrades to President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla homestead – and is almost R150 million more than the country’s previous title holder, The Enigma Mansion.

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Property expert Steven Delit told CapeTalk presenter Kieno Kammies that the $35 million price tag could buy all 33 houses that were sold in Camps bay in the first half of the year.

It should be noted that this is the listing price for the mansion, and not necessarily the selling price.

The Enigma Mansion, for instance, while listed at R300 million, has only had two offers made for the property: one for R285 million and one for R180 million.

According to Delit, the hefty price tag for the Casablanca mansion may well be inflated for “public relations value”.

(Images from Sotheby’s International)

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