The most in-demand jobs in South Africa right now – and how much they pay

Career Junction says that as fewer job seekers took to the online job market in search of work, competition for jobs weakened, creating a more favourable employment market for job seekers in June.

Some sectors saw an annual decrease in demand, the jobs specialist said, with this trend particularly notable within the ICT, architecture & engineering and construction sectors where hiring efforts slowed by more than 20% year-on-year.

The medical and sales sectors on the hand saw a notable uptake in jobs in recent months, carrer Junction said.

It noted that trending jobs for June – positions that have become more popular in the
online job market and has seen a recent spike in demand – included jobs in credit management, client/customer support and technical & business architecture.

Career Junction highlighted the average salary offerings for an intermediate level position in those trending posts.

Credit Management

  • GP: R26,720 to R32,445 p.m.
  • WC: R20,056 to R24,500 p.m.

Client/Customer Support

Average salary offerings for an intermediate level position:

  • GP: R12,350 to R17,231 p.m.
  • WC: R12,418 to R16,087 p.m.
  • KZN: R12,064 to R15,816 p.m.


Technical & Business Architecture

  • GP: R45,463 to R55,667 p.m.
  • WC: R38,944 to R47,824 p.m.

Career Junction, said that it activates more than  four vacancies every 10 minutes. Its research showed the following occupational fields are by some distance the most in demand skill sets in the job market currently:

Software Development remains the most sought after skill set on CareerJunction. Java, C# and .Net Developers, in particular, are high in demand.

Hiring activity picked up by over 3% for software developers from May to June 2017, Career Junction said.

Professionals in management face positive employment prospects. “Finance managers and sales managers are particularly well sought after, the jobs site said.

During June 2017, over 40% of all managerial vacancies were allocated to finance managers while over 20% were allocated to sales managers, Career Junction said.

Job advertising for sales representatives and sales consultants peaked during June 2017. During the first half of 2017, demand strengthened by over 70%. However, the job market remains competitive for this sector, Career Junction said.

An overview of vacancy levels across various sectors provides a good indication of
where the majority of employment takes place.

The IT, finance and business & management sectors are the most sought after, the jobs site said, followed by the sales, admin, office & support and architecture & engineering sectors, among others listed.

When looking at active job seekers across various sectors, areas of high supply correlate closely to areas of high demand, it said.

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The most in-demand jobs in South Africa right now – and how much they pay