What South Africans want from their bosses

 ·20 Aug 2023

The world of work has seen substantial changes in the last few years, and workers are looking for recognition for their skills.

Over the last three years, several styles of work have emerged, ranging from lockdown-induced work from home and such as quiet quitting.

With more employees returning to the offices, Strider Digital, a digital consulting firm in South
Africa conducted a survey to understand what South Africans want from an employer. The survey mainly used respondents in data analysis, design, project management and software development.

75% said that they wanted assurances that their new employer valued them for their unique skill sets.

In addition, 71% said that they would only select an employer if there were clear opportunities for growth.

“If the great resignation has taught us anything, it’s that seeking value and purpose at one’s place of work is of paramount importance,” said Maggie Moonsammy, Sales Manager at Strider Digital.

“So, it’s not unusual that we got the responses that we did, however, it should also be noted that 61% of respondents cited financial security as an important factor when vetting a new employer – and this makes absolute sense, particularly when looking at our country’s current cost of living crisis.”

Greater flexibility is crucial

The group added that it wanted to understand the desire for contractor work over full-time opportunities.

66% of all respondents were full-time employees, and when questioned on if they’d consider a contractor job over a full-time role, many respondents said that greater flexibility was the main attraction.

Others noted that contract work is perceived to expand the scope for career growth and liked the ability to work with multiple clients at the same time.

“One thing that came up over and over in the survey, when contractor opportunities were
discussed, was a perception of higher pay,” said Moonsammy.

“Respondents, on the whole, seemed to be dissatisfied with their current salaries and believed that contractor work could help them earn higher and be in a better financial position to deal with the ramifications of South Africa’s struggling economy.”

Contract work has the potential for increased earnings as workers have the ability to work for two companies at a time.

“But something that came out even stronger through the survey responses was that respondents believed their self-worth as workers would increase exponentially, knowing that their skills are in demand by more than one company at a time,” Moonsammy concluded

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