Business Talk – Connie Bloem on how Mesh is disrupting the blockchain sector

 ·14 Aug 2023

In this Business Talk interview with Michael Avery, Mesh Managing Director Connie Bloem discusses how Mesh is disrupting the blockchain sector.

Bloem is passionate about transforming capital markets and the financial industry through the use of technology-driven solutions.

She has a strong educational background in industrial and financial engineering from the University of Pretoria, and uses this to bring her visions and strategies to realisation.

Bloem began her career as a Digital Business Integration Analyst at Accenture, before spending over four years at Andile Solutions.

There, she worked as a Business Analyst and Product owner, before leaving to co-found Mesh – a Web 3.0 platform business focused on making financial and capital markets more accessible.

The interview

In this interview, Bloem tells Avery what inspired her to found Mesh – and how it facilitates the trading of real-world financial assets on the blockchain.

She then explains what sets Mesh apart as a key disruptor in the blockchain sector, before discussing how Mesh’s parent company – 42Markets Group – recently received capital investment from Convergence Partners.

Bloem explains how this capital will be used to fast-track Mesh’s growth, before discussing Mesh’s plans to expand to other regions.

She concludes the interview by providing predictions for the future of digital currencies worldwide.

Watch the full interview with Connie Bloem below.

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