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ANC coining it from Eskom electricity crisis

ANC coining it from Eskom electricity crisis

The ANC has made millions from doing business with Eskom, while South Africans continue to suffer the burden of load-shedding every day.

This is according to the DA’s, parliamentary leader, Mmusi Maimane, who said that President Jacob Zuma needed to stop blaming the electricity crisis on Apartheid.

“He should instead be telling South Africans the truth: that this is an ANC-made crisis from which the party has profited handsomely.”

The DA accused the ANC of setting up a fundraising company called Chancellor House, through which it has made millions from doing business with Eskom.

Through Chancellor House’s 25% stake in Hitachi Power Africa, the ANC benefited from the R38.5 billion contract to provide boilers for the Medupi and Kusile power stations, it said.

“As far back as 2009, the Public Protector confirmed there was a conflict of interest in the ANC doing business with Eskom. At the time when the boiler contract was awarded, Eskom’s chairperson, Valli Moosa, was also serving on the ANC’s fundraising committee,” Maimane said.

He said that the countless problems and delays in installing these faulty boilers is one of the central reasons why the new power stations promised to South Africans are more than 5 years behind schedule.

“While the ANC made a sizeable profit and eventually sold off its shares in Hitachi following public outrage, just one month later Chancellor House reportedly proceeded with plans to buy out Pfisterer, a company with a R550 million contract to supply Eskom with power grid accessories,” Maimane said.

The DA said that every passing month without a stable power supply means our economy loses the ability to create jobs.

“Unstable power means unstable water supply, chaos on our roads, loss of income to businesses, and disruptions to schooling and healthcare facilities.”

The DA called on President Zuma to announce clear measures to prevent political parties profiting from business with the state, at the state of the nation address on Thursday.

“And he must announce an independent review of Eskom’s awarding of contracts to companies with political connections,” Maimane said.

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  • StewartR3

    Follow the money…

  • Radz

    nothing new…our country and government are here to screw us over…and enrich themselves…..we wont even get ice in winter….

  • Stevo Jones

    anc scumb. Don’t think we will forget. Whether the anc cadres end up in court in 2019 or 2024 it doesn’t mater. We will hunt them down like they hunted down the nazis, even if it takes years.

    • Jojo

      In 2019 (or 2024) Zuma will change the constitution and suspend the election of the Presidency making him president for life. Then he can avoid prosecution until after he dies. And they take long to die ala Bob Mugabe

    • Tau’ri

      The Nazis has the Nuremberg Trials. The ANC, what, the Drakensberg Trials? :-))))

      • Tau’ri

        On second thought, maybe it will be held in Cape Town and enter the history books as the Koeberg Trials…

    • Wurnman

      You misspelled scum…

      • Actually, his spelling is excellent in comparison with what we see daily on many of the blog-sites. He scores more than 30%!

        • Wurnman

          Actually, i was hoping someone would join me in my little ryme… was only teasing him.

          • Well, who will join other than those who have time? 🙂

          • Duncan

            +1 for the glider

          • Jono

            Contemplated it but didn’t succumb, not wanting to look dumb or throw a tantrum but you already used most of the words rhyming with bum. So instead I’ll pick up my guitar and give it a strum …with my plectrum. …feel free to hum ..or beat a drum

          • Wurnman

            sweet dude, that’s the spirit…

          • Verity Grace Turner

            Tum ti tum tum.

          • Jono

            Verity thanks for the conundrum. It’s Friday and the rhymes do not easily come when I should already be hitting the rum in a cocktail mixed with plumb. Instead I am stuck sucking rhymes out my thumb but much rather that than my bum because that would really leave me feeling glum.

      • Luke Weyers

        It’s a crime that you misspelled rhyme.

    • nickn4m3

      One day, not today, not tomorrow, but one day, the current regime will take up their place in history next to Eugene de Kock, PW Botha, etc.

      • Tau’ri

        Something to be proud of. We’ll be old, and slowly telling our grandchildren, “Sonny, *I* was there when all this happened.”

        And our grandchildren will disconnect the life support.

        • Duncan

          Well if the life support has power to run then that will at least be something.

    • fairly speaking

      why are you worried about 2019 or 2024? We all know that this is when the apartheid regimes biggest scam, Jacob Zuma will be revealed. Everybody knows he was planted by Eugene de Kock and Wouter Basson to infiltrate the ANC and keep power in the hands of an illiterate group while they secretly organised a major “natural” catastrophe in which 25 000 000 poorly educated blacks will be eliminated and FW de Klerk will return to power. VIVA ANC!! VIVA ZUMA!!!

  • This is what we deserve as South Africans because we voted for them.

    • StewartR3

      Speak for yourself re: voting for ANC. What I will say is that we deserve it because we have done fokol about it except moan amoungst ourselves.

      The poor are the first ones marching and protesting over anything and everything they don’t like. The middle and upper class are too comfortable at home scratching our arses, browsing the internet, watching TV and eating our comfort foods. It’d take a complete blackout long enough for all internet access and charged devices to run dead before we do anything about it. 😛

      • Kosie

        Ok, let’s say by some magic summoning the middle class masses at the touch of a button is to your avail, how would you use it ? Clearly burning down things as the poor do has no lasting effect. What else ? (not a trick question, merely curious – let’s call it forum-based brain storming). Please use krkrtiengtieng instead of the word shoot else you trigger the MyBB Censorship Board.

        • StewartR3

          Without spending too much time thinking about it being work hours and having other things to do atm (and, honestly, also not being an expert on such matters) my opinion is that the only way to really send them a message would be to punch them in the bank account. For every Eskom customer to withhold their payment(s) until certain reasonable demands are met (no bonuses or raises, no political parties to profit from power supply issues, better maintenance, etc, etc) I think would be one way. This can extend to taxes if the demands are more directed at government than Eskom.

          • Kosie

            Like your thinking. Time will tell with the e-toll saga whether the middle-class has the stomach to resist en-mass with the purse. I honestly hope so. Interesting reading:
            What I learn from it is that the only succesful campaigns were those embrased beyond critical mass.

          • StewartR3

            One issue re: tax withholding is that most middle-class citizens’ taxes are paid for them via PAYE, so it’d be very hard for them to withhold anything. Not sure if one can even elect to do one’s own taxes if employed by a company.

          • Kosie

            Sounds like the tax route has died an infant death 🙂

          • sc101

            What about serving an order on your company to pay thosr taxes in a lawyers trust account until such time as the issues are resolved or there is a change of power? Surely our constitution provides for this avenue of disagreement?

          • StewartR3

            I suppose we can all go away and research (i.e. google) and speak to lawyer friends then see what we can dig up. For now though we can speculate. I know a lot of companies insist on taxes being paid by them, so they might put up a fuss that a lot of people might not feel comfortable with regardless of the laws.

            It’d be a lot easier to withhold Eskom payments, but I’m not sure how effective that would be versus withholding taxes. Who are we trying to send a message to? Government or Eskom? Both? Again, more research is required or somebody needs to come along and give a more educated suggestion/opinion. Any lawyers/politicians care to chime in?

          • Neil Glezer-Jones

            They would switch off our power… oh they already do!

          • Dale

            Please, the middle classes couldn’t even manage to boycott Woolworths for one day, let alone anything important. 😉

        • Light at the end of the tunnel

          Unfortunately not paying tax is a legal offence (maybe even criminal, not sure) and in any case SARS has the right to take directly from your bank account if necessary.

      • What do you suggest we do? We’re busty supporting a couple of louts each, just by going to work and doing fokol. We can’t take a day of leave every time the DA plays Activist Afterparty.

      • Neil Glezer-Jones

        Someone must setup a Facebook page. See if it can get to over 100 000 fans and then we can start something. Anyone interested or angry enough and has the knowledge?

    • McTSA

      Minus one! Maybe you voted for them, but I certainly DID NOT.

    • deathgrind

      i idnt vote for the ANC filth! we all knew this was gona happen! africans cant govern a country, end of story. look at zimbabwe!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      • I didn’t vote for the terrorists either I’m just saying nobody should be surprised at our current mess.

  • BouVirMyNToilet

    We will one day say that BEE was a very dark deal.

  • Sean

    Pointless, the masses that still feel the ANC are fighting for them will still vote for them. This beloved country we ALL call home is domed.

  • And yet the f#cktards in this country will still vote for these lying, thieving, pig-faced, cANCerous dirtbags, and then still have the audacity to beg on the street corners for handouts from the working class, the people barely managing to keep this country afloat by some miracle.

    • AVJ

      Unfortunately this will never change in our lifetime.

    • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

      Nail. Head. One of the reasons I don’t give a cent to beggars. They add no value, yet they get a vote, and they use that vote to keep the cANCer pigs in power.

    • Dickbutt

      But, most of them dont even know about the crisis. They live in their little mud huts in the bushes not caring for anything or anyone.

      • Eric

        I know about the crisis. Can see how much this sucks. I keep voting for Woman Front and KISS party and yet the clowns never grow. MXM. However the thought of voting for the DA makes me cringe…However if they give me a tender to print t-shirts for their rallies I might reconsider

        • Nick

          You might as well vote ANC. Seeking only to benefit yourself with your vote and not the community. Shame on you

    • JvT

      Well put sir!!

  • Warchylde

    and yet when normal citizens made this statement they were branded as conspiracy theorists.

  • rouxenator

    Blame Tripartite

    • Duncan

      I see what you did there

      • rouxenator

        Tripartite can be blamed for every problem we have.

  • Skoppienaai Sewinduit

    When all is said and done, and this country has finished circling the bowl, and has slid down the pipe to stew amongst the rest of the 3rd world crap floating down the drain, it will all be blamed on apartheid. It has to be, there’s no other explanation. It can’t possibly be that Africans can’t govern for sh!t.

  • Motlodi

    The problem with blacks is that they are so used to being used and abused that they have learned to take it lying down. They moan and complain quietly and not rock the boat for fear of their govt sending police and soldiers to harass and kill them. You cant blame them for that sort of mentality, as it has trickled down to their children and children’s children.
    The ANC knows that. That’s why they will still remind blacks that apartheid is still responsible for their wretched lives even today.
    Nothing changes, the ANC wins.

    • CNN

      Their government still sends police and cadres to harass them, that’s why they say one thing, then vote ANC in the end, they a piss scared.

    • Eric

      we dont need ANC to remind us of apartheid when Hellen is doing such a good job all by herself. Western Cape is apparently the best run province…for who? Have you been to Gugs or Nyanga or Khayelitsha?

      • Leo J Dranoel

        Why only look at the Western Cape? The ANC had the Western Cape before the DA. By the way, the government did not introduce shacks to Gugs, Nyanga or Khaye…. Influx did it. look at JHB and surrounding areas. Same, same.

      • Pieter

        Ridiculous comment… but to answer you, for those who pay taxes -as it should be regardless of race.

      • rabadik

        Well if they stop breaking down the toilets, burning the schools, cutting down the trees,starting fires while rioting, & the gov, doesn’t have to then spend the money to repair it all, then they would be living in paradise by now

  • ChantOlive

    lies lies lies Mmusi!! the ANC has made BILLIONS NOT MILLIONS !!!!
    scum sucking turds are running the country into the ground and pocketing billions from tax payer money … Eskom has commissioned two power stations – which are late and have cost us R200B+ … and now Eskom are looking for another R200B+ for further funding !!!
    How much of this has been funnelled directly via chancellor house or indirectly via other ANC aligned companies !! absolutely sickening !!!

    That’s why the ANC are blocking the act to allow alternate national power providers !! It will kill their golden egg laying goose!!

  • fokoldoos

    No you see I’m black and I want 10 kids. So that the anc can pay for them. I love anc they give me money. And I just make kids mahala and get money for it. 10+votes for anc. Mahala on the the power. I do not stress because I’m black.. I want 10 wife’s to beat Zuma.

  • Rob Hutchinson

    and yet another misleading headline from the media.

    • Duncan

      How so?

  • Mr Maimane, thanks for the lecture on ancient history, concerning the Chancellor House episode. I would have thought *everybody* was already long since aware of that one. If you read the newspapers, there are numerous other more recent items you could sound off about.

  • 0001000ghost

    julle bliksems! ek haat die anc. lui, skelm, slapgat, agterbaks

  • sphaka

    Musi Maimane thats is why the president has to answere questions tomorrow not in march. U have good points and reasons to hold goverment responsible but you want to wait for the president to answere Q’s in March ”not sure if he will” . Sona for this year cannot be the same like that of last year , because there was never a stage 3 load shedding last year and never a threat of a total black out. U can never ask the anc to behave the way you want through the media but only in parliament , unless you are now sleeping in one linen with them or you are in doubt of the facts about what you claim in your article.

  • Gideons Bende

    (when it was the Electricity Supply Commission) was one of the best companies
    in the world. It was owned by all South Africans, and was a non-profit making
    organization. Money was always set aside, by selling electricity for more than
    it cost to produce, for replacement and expansion.

    THEN (1) it was turned into a business with the government as sole
    shareholder. This was done to collect further tax from those who actually pay
    for electricity, and to provide a vehicle for the implementation of government
    policies. Profits, and the money set aside for replacement and expansion was
    paid to the government as dividends.

    Then (2) the sole ‘shareholder’ directly appointed
    most of the executive, and non-executive directors – called appointments !!!!

    Then (3), people started getting appointed &
    promoted based on potential. They couldn’t actually perform the work, so the
    people who could, stayed around as contractors. Although no additional work was
    getting done, the workforce increased by 23%, but this was also fine because
    the government wanted to reduce unemployment.

    Then (4), in an attempt to reduce unemployment, by
    boosting exports (by making them cheaper) Eskom was instructed to produce the
    cheapest electricity in the world. This didn’t work – instead of expanding and
    creating jobs, business just made bigger profits. All investment was stopped
    due to this.

    Then (5) the sole shareholder in the Mbeki era, wouldn’t allow Eskom to
    build any further power stations, saying that this would be done by private
    investors. The private investors didn’t come to the party because electricity
    was too cheap to provide adequate return on investment.

    5 years too late Eskom was allowed to expand and build 2 huge, new power
    stations, but it didn’t have any money – this had to be borrowed.

    Then (6) the ANC (in control of the sole shareholder) wanted a piece of
    the cake and ‘got’ a big piece of Hitachi – the company who ‘won’ the contract
    to supply the boilers for these power stations. Because of this Eskom wasn’t
    allowed to take Hitachi to court when $h..t was supplied. Then Eskom, with its reduced standards,
    attempted to project manage the construction of these new power stations by

    What a calamity !!!!!

    The money was borrowed from the world bank, however because they are coal
    stations a requirement was the installation of flue gas desulphurisation. This
    hasn’t happened (yet) because of insufficient water. So Eskom is in the $h…t with the world bank.

    So, because of taxation, affirmative
    action, transformation, employment equity, BBBEE, lots and lots of corruption,
    a bloated and bureaucratic workforce etc. Eskom has run out of money and
    generation capacity, standards have dropped dramatically, corporate memory is
    being lost at an alarming rate …………………………

    Today Eskom is attempting to borrow the money for the steam generator
    replacement at Koeberg from a French bank.

    One of the questions that this bank is
    asking is about post Fukushima safety improvement progress. Guess what !!!!!
    Because there is no money ……….

    As is always the case, SOMEONE must pay. So Eskom wanted to dramatically
    increase its price. The government (who is also the sole shareholder) wouldn’t
    allow an increase large enough to cover the cost of its mismanagement. So Eskom
    is bankrupt, and its shares and bonds have been becoming “junk

  • AnRkey


  • Dubla

    Exactly what happened with the railways,who do you think has shares and owns trucking companies, toll gates, and contracts to screw up the roads even more

  • Dissappointed

    As crooked as they come …., of course this is splashed around the world and the ANC credibility is even more in the toilet !!

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