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Lighting up Jackal Creek

Jackal Creek is a golf estate in Roodepoort which provides residents with a secure lifestyle and access to a world-class golf course. The estate’s management recently employed the up-and-coming fibre provider Linteg Technologies to build and maintain its fibre network.

Linteg Technologies won this contract because of its strong focus on last mile fibre connectivity and its belief in open access networks. The company was tasked with providing Jackal Creek residents with affordable, high-speed open-access internet at a fair cost and within a short installation window.

The fibre project came with some big challenges as the original network used a point-to-point (PtP) topology with a hybrid design of fibre through copper. Linteg Technologies CEO Ettienne Knipe explained that while the original network may have been sufficient when it was built, it was now outdated.

“The old network was unstable and could no longer meet the high capacity demands of Jackal Creek residents,” said Knipe. This old network was subsequently replaced by a GPON solution from BDCOM – a point-to-multipoint network which pushes multiple streams of data along a single fibre cable.

The network further uses a separate fibre link for clients’ DStv decoder, offering CATV services at the customer’s request. Linteg Technologies head of IT, Francois Joubert explained that their choice to use BDCOM came down to a recommendation from their technology supplier MiRO Distribution.

“BDCOM was a logical choice because of its low costs, high-performance and lifetime warranty. We are thankful that we chose the right product from day one,” said Joubert.

BDCOM is a globally known fibre access equipment manufacturer, focusing on affordable quality and is backed on local soil by MiRO Distribution, one of the leading providers of IP-convergence technology in Southern Africa.

MiRO’s value added products and services allows integration partners like Linteg to identify and obtain the most suitable technologies for their desired application.

With strong pre-and after sales support from MiRO, Linteg managed to roll out the BDCOM fibre network in record time with perfect accuracy.

More information

The full case study is available here: Miro and Linteg Technologies Case Study

For more information about the companies, visit the MiRO , Linteg Technologies and BDCOM websites.

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Lighting up Jackal Creek