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Discovery just significantly enhanced its global investment offering

 ·24 Jun 2020

Discovery Invest just announced the launch of a much-enhanced global investment offering that, among other benefits, uses shared value to create the world’s first exchange rate enhancer.

They’ve also partnered with world leaders in the industry, which means more access to industry-leading investment choices across a range of asset classes.

The new solution offers a range of risk-profiled, multi-asset global portfolios using solutions from BlackRock – one of the world’s biggest asset managers.

These portfolios are an active-passive blend of index trackers and external asset managers that provide a diverse holding across asset classes and geographies.

They also have access to share portfolios previously reserved for high-net-worth private wealth clients in the US, advised by Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Why invest offshore?

International investing is driven by the fundamental principle of not putting all your eggs in one basket, and according to Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest, it’s now more relevant than ever.

“If you’re committed to investing over the medium to long term, global investing offers South African investors three compelling benefits: geographical diversification, exposure to different currencies, and access to new opportunities.”

Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest

New enhancements

Rabson describes the enhanced Discovery Global Endowment as a competitive medium- to long-term investment solution with the following features:

  1. Its currency enhancer lets you buy in at much lower than the prevailing exchange rate on qualifying investment choices. Over a period of 10 years, this feature was found to exceed all admin fees paid, making the Discovery Global Endowment one of the most cost-effective global endowments on the market.
  2. Its multi-contract structure means greater investment liquidity.
  3. It has been efficiently structured for optimal tax outcomes, which eases the burden of administration.
  4. Its estate planning benefits include multiple owners and beneficiaries– allowing for the simple and cost-effective transfer of investments in the event of death. Clients can also get access to an international trust at a dramatically reduced cost, and a 50% refund of annual fees paid after five years.

Increased user-friendliness and accuracy through technology

Discovery Invest also launched an intuitive analysis tool that advisers can use to compare investment choices, and added smart verification for fast and safe digital onboarding. Plus, they’re building a global risk-profiling tool to help advisers tailor solutions for their clients’ specific goals.

Rabson concludes: “By taking strategic steps to reduce many of the traditional obstacles to investing abroad, we’re making life easier for clients and their advisers by having all the hard work and analysis done by experts.”

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