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Is your IT Covid-proof?

The IT strategies and plans of businesses have been thrown out the window thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has quickly become clear that IT departments will need to ensure company employees are equipped for remote working in a more permanent and comprehensive manner for the new normal of work.

“All of the other repercussions are now starting to sink in,” explained Turrito CFO Colin Thornton.

“Some people thought that it would just be a 3 to 4 month thing, but remote working is with us to stay.”

Adapting to the new normal

The biggest feature of old IT infrastructure systems that current work-from-home systems often lack is control.

“Everyone is now working from home behind consumer-grade security and firewalls – if anything at all,” said Thornton.

“When this was a short-term solution, IT departments said they could manage this issue – but now they are realising that work-from-home culture is a much larger trend that is here to stay.”

Key to the transition to the new remote-working normal, said Thornton, is a change of focus by IT departments.

“It’s less about focusing on firewalls and network security, and more about focusing on the devices themselves,” he explained.

“As long as you have the right tools and software on users’ devices, companies can still have the necessary control.”

Communication is another important consideration that businesses need to consider as the new normal requires employees to have efficient ways to keep in contact while working from home.

The traditional phone system, and even VoIP phone systems, are going to be phased out in favour of platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom in the long-term, Thornton said.

It is therefore important that businesses are prepared for this new way of communication by ensuring their digital communication channels offer great audio and video quality.

Compliance is key

Thornton highlighted that many businesses are so focused on the basics of remote working that they may also be neglecting regulatory requirements to protect the data of their customers.

“Before the lockdown, many people were getting ready for POPI and those with European customers were implementing GDPR,” Thornton said.

“Now a lot of that has been thrown out of the window because while previously data was controlled, and solutions were able to manage this data, remote working puts the control of this data in question.”

There are solutions for this, however, and companies like Turrito are expertly positioned to help businesses with this transition.

“POPI compliance is still important, but it is a lot more difficult now. We can help businesses with this.”

Turrito – Your partner in the new normal

Turrito is an agnostic end-to-end consolidator of the best IT services and products.

What this means is it has no biases towards certain solution types or providers and can instead focus exclusively on offering the best solution to its clients at better than market-related prices.

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Is your IT Covid-proof?