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Why South African companies are turning to digital advertising

South African companies focussing their marketing efforts – and budgets – on digital advertising see the best return on investment (ROI).

This was confirmed by Nielsen’s Media ROI Benchmarks report for South Africa – and continues to be the case as more businesses and consumers move online.

The superior ROI provided by digital advertising channels has been enhanced by this digital shift, which has advanced rapidly due to global COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Digital advertising is the obvious choice for companies who want to position themselves for growth and take advantage of the predicted economic recovery in 2021,” said BusinessTech MD Kevin Lancaster.

Advertising ROI

Accurate and real-time measurement

Another big benefit of digital advertising is the results of a campaign can be accurately tracked in real-time – making performance measurement easy.

This allows companies to test new channels and allocate budgets based on what works best for them.

“Being able to accurately track the performance of your marketing campaigns, while receiving an excellent ROI, makes digital advertising an easy choice for local companies.”

“As more people move their work and social lives online, it is only natural that businesses follow to ensure they reach their target market.”

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Why South African companies are turning to digital advertising