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Futureproof your business with the right cloud HR solution

 ·12 Dec 2022

People analytics and smarter technologies are creating a platform upon which the HR profession will advance.

This is according to Gerhard Hartman, VP of Medium Business at Sage Africa and Middle East, who was presenting at the 2022 HR Indaba.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said Hartman, before explaining that HR departments need to use data analytics to do their jobs proactively.

Sage research shows that while 94% of business leaders have access to people data from HR, 68% don’t rely on this data – so a gold mine of data is being wasted.

There is also a flawed perception that technology replaces humans, whereas in reality, HR and payroll technology give your employees a voice by clarifying their challenges.

Key trends in HR

Hartman said modern businesses must use data to lead for the future rather than lead from the past.

This means organisations must use leading metrics to predict future outcomes and take preventative action rather than lagging metrics that only tell us what has already happened.

Hartman provided five key trends shaping the current HR landscape:

  1. Rethinking employee experiences – Use data to understand employee passions and aspirations so workers can reach their goals.
  2. Leading from the front – By giving employees the flexibility to adapt to new challenges, leadership can help employees work optimally.
  3. Real-time insight – Cloud technology gives you real-time insight into the employee experience, allowing you to act immediately.
  4. Investing in the right tech – HR professionals benefit from choosing the right HR solution, one that offers advanced reporting, custom dashboards, automatic legislation updates, and accessibility.
  5. Focusing on company culture – A great cloud HR solution provides spare time, which means you can focus on essential topics like diversity, equity, and inclusion.

De Keur Group

A good example of the importance of the right cloud HR solution is De Keur Group, a family-run agricultural business with multiple entities.

The group implemented Sage 300 People to help it capture, manage, and analyse its employee payroll and financial data.

HR manager Johan du Plessis said the solution provides continuous, accurate, and real-time data on all three of De Keur Group’s sub-businesses through a single pane of glass.

“We can generate management reports at the push of a button and export them to Excel, giving senior executives the real-time information they need to support their decisions about the workforce,” says Du Plessis.

“This was especially helpful during the COVID-19 lockdown when employee numbers and business requirements were in constant flux.”

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