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 ·27 Jan 2023

Power cuts are taking a toll on South Africans – at home and in the office.

And while there seems to be no end to the power cuts in sight, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of great load-shedding solutions to keep you going when the lights go out.

Not sure where to start? Take a look at this handy guide to answer your most burning load-shedding questions:

Should I use a UPS, Inverter, or Generator?

It all depends on your priorities. If you simply need to keep connectivity up and running, a UPS is a great and affordable option.

Also known as power banks, UPS’ can keep smaller devices such as mobile phones and routers going for a few hours.

Try out the Vizia 300W Home Office Backup Power Solution for R6999 to power basic 12V devices for use of mobile, routers, and some screens or the Volkano Constant Series Mini UPS for R799 (Ideal to power your network router).

If you’d like a solution that can power your laptop and a few other essential appliances, then an inverter is your best bet. Inverters are large batteries that store power.

They do however need to recharge when the power is back on, so Lead Acid or Gel inverters are best for Load Shedding Stages 2 and lower and Lithium Inverters, for Stages 3 and above.

Check out something like the RCT Megapower 1KVA Inverter Trolley for R9499.00

If you’d prefer to avoid relying on the national power grid altogether, you’ll want to go for a generator.

Driven by diesel or petrol, generators are great for keeping a large number of appliances and lights on during power outages taking into consideration the fuel required to operate.

Consider the Talon petrol generator 2.8kVA for R6999.

For more products in each category, visit Incredible online or in-store for expert advice on your power requirements.

Lithium-ion batteries vs lead acid batteries. Which is best?

While lead acid batteries were once the norm, lithium-ion batteries are fast overtaking them in popularity due to their longer lifespan and improved performance under pressure.

For instance, if a lead acid battery is drained below 50% charge, its output becomes severely compromised.

Lead acid batteries are also only rated for 150 to 200 use cycles (charges and discharges), and need to be fully recharged before the next use cycle.

This can take up to 12 hours, which is fine for load-shedding Stages 1 and 2 but becomes a problem when we are on Stages 3 and 4 or higher.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries can run completely flat without causing damage to the battery.

They can also be charged and discharged up to 2 000 times, making them ideal for ongoing power outages

Looking to replace your battery?

Incredible now also offers Gel replacement batteries from R3499 and an amazing service at any of their stores to replace your old inverter battery as a complimentary service valued at R199.

Through their recycling initiatives, they also responsibly recycle your old battery at no cost. You can look forward to range expansions for Gate motor- and alarm Lithium batteries.

Get your Mecer 100AH 12V deep Cycle battery from R3499.

How important is surge protection?

When the electricity is restored after a power cut, your devices are exposed to a rush of electricity much higher than the typical power supply.

This can cause some serious damage. Fortunately, there are solutions to protect your devices and appliances against this.

Surge protectors can plug directly into your wall socket and safely protect your devices or appliances. This is a simple DIY and cost-effective method to protect your appliances.

Try the Eurolux Wonder Plug 6 Way with Surge & Overload Protection for R299

If you’re looking for a more holistic solution, a professional electrician can also insert a surge protector directly into your DB board.

Any other handy powercut tips to consider?

Portable lights like the Magneto Rechargeable LED lights (R129) can brighten up any space and are set to automatically switch on during power cuts making it a semi-smart solution for your home or business.

Alternatively, you could switch your existing lightbulbs to rechargeable bulbs that can last for up to two hours. Try the Eurolux Rechargeable GU10 LED for only R89.

With incredible deals, a huge range of load-shedding solutions, and insightful advice, Incredible can provide the light at the end of the tunnel for your home and business.

Head to your nearest store or take a look at their fantastic online deals here.

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