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Control your dream smart home with Xiaomi’s smart home electronics and the Mi Home app

 ·12 May 2023

Xiaomi’s extensive selection of smart speakers, clocks, and lamps work together to help you control your smart home ecosystem, and play a key role in evolving your house into a connected smart home.

These smart home electronics are all controllable in many different ways, and one of the most popular ways of controlling these is by using the Mi Home app.

This method is particularly popular as it makes setting up schedules and controlling each device accessible in just a few taps on your smartphone.

We have detailed a selection of Xiaomi’s most impressive smart home electronic devices, now available in South Africa, below.

Smart Speakers

Xiaomi’s smart speakers offer excellent sound quality, and are great for both issuing commands and listening to audio.

They are integrated into Google, and will form a fundamental part of your smart home, as they are your best way of initiating your pre-set schedules via voice control.

For example, you could program your smart home to initiate a chain of actions when you wake up and say “Hey Google – good morning” to your smart speaker.

Your connected coffee machine could begin brewing your first cup, and certain lights in your home could be switched on automatically.

You could also use this prompt to turn on your heater or air conditioner – depending on the time of year – as well as to perform many other tasks.

Another example of this would be when arriving home from a long day of work, you could say “Hey Google, I’m home” – and a pre-programmed set of actions could be triggered, including turning on your TV, playing peaceful music through your sound system, and turning on a heat regulation appliance.

The possibilities are endless – but what is clear is that the Xiaomi Smart Speaker will serve as an easy way to communicate with the different devices in your smart home.

Xiaomi’s Smart speakers are also an excellent way to listen to music, podcasts, or your favourite radio station – and can even be set to only respond to certain voices.

The IR Control model goes one step further and offers bonus features like an LED clock and a built-in IR transmitter.

This IR transmitter uses infra-red waves to monitor and control devices within its environment that do not support Wi-Fi connectivity – like air-conditioners, fans, and lamps.

Smart Clock

The Xiaomi Smart Clock doesn’t just tell the time.

It is the ultimate bedside companion within your smart home, as it shares the same functionality as the Xiaomi Smart Speaker (such as supporting voice control through Google Assistant), and offers extra use cases through its crisp touchscreen.

For example, if one of your Xiaomi outdoor cameras detects movement in your garden at night, you could simply use your Xiaomi Smart Clock to view the camera’s feed without leaving your bed.

Additionally, if you are woken up in the morning by a visitor ringing your doorbell, you could view your security camera feed to see who is at the door, and answer them through the clock’s built-in microphone.

For this reason, you could also use a Xiaomi Smart Clock in a more accessible living area as a node that lets you control your doorbell and camera systems.

The Xiaomi Smart Clock can also be used to access valuable information such as your calendar, traffic, news, and weather forecasts – and, of course, set alarms.

Smart Lamps

Xiaomi’s range of smart lamps are fully customizable with multiple lighting modes and up to 16 million RGB colour options that can reach brightnesses of up to 400 lumens.

As you would expect, they don’t just provide light – they can be used to trigger many other actions by the other devices that form part of your smart home.

For example, the Bedside Lamp 2 can be used in your baby’s nursery to illuminate the area around your child’s cot.

Then, when you say “Good night, [baby’s name],” this could trigger the light to slowly dim its light over a period of time to optimally facilitate your baby’s sleep.

This same prompt could be used to switch off other devices that make sounds that could distract your baby, and to turn on your baby monitor in your bedroom.

The Xiaomi Desk Lamps also allow for voice control, and come with various lighting modes that are targeted at optimising your work experience.

These modes include Focus mode, Read mode, Computer mode, and Child mode – all of which use different colour temperatures and brightness.

Xiaomi’s Smart Desk lamps are also specifically designed to reduce flickering – which causes fatigue and other harmful effects on your eyes.

These features make Xiaomi’s Smart Desk Lamps a must-have for anyone who works from home.

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