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Technology – Why strategic rentals make good business sense

 ·19 Jun 2023

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. The innovative solution of today is often tomorrow’s obsolete equipment. According to research conducted by career experts, Zippia, the “speed and power of computers has doubled every one and a half to two years since the 1960s and 70s”.

Add to this that there are currently approximately 4.95 billion internet users in the world, and it’s clear that businesses must keep pace if they intend to survive (not to mention succeed).

This rate of advancement can make capital expenditure in technology and related equipment a hard sale. In many instances, investing large sums in equipment today that could be outdated in a years’ time simply doesn’t make good business sense.

In volatile business markets that can shrink or expand in a matter of weeks, holding expensive assets that can become redundant is an unnecessary business risk. So, what’s the alternative?

Recognising the need for continuous updates, forward thinking technological solutions, and unwavering support, iStore Business has developed a highly beneficial Business Rental Programme.

With this approach, organisations are empowered to equip teams with the best, latest, technology giving them access to superior Apple products without the gamble of ownership.

On the fence whether to rent or buy? Here are the proven pros to renting technology equipment, delivering unique benefits over the traditional acquisition process…

From a financial perspective, technology rental options offer several marked advantages. The most obvious benefit is that the business does not need to outlay capital expenditure (CapEx), but rather draws from operational expenditure (OpEx). This keeps valuable CapEx available for use in other critical areas of the business.

Aside from avoiding the need for upfront cash outlays or expensive financing with fluctuating interest rates, OpEx is tax deductible and positively impacts cash flow.

VAT is paid and can be claimed over the term of the rental contract. The business will also not lose value to asset depreciation – all while guaranteeing access to the best technology available, year on year.

In terms of productivity, the pros of renting versus buying are apparent. Employee performance is inextricably linked to product capabilities. Now businesses have instant access to leverage the power of Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

With the most current equipment at their disposal, teams are empowered to work at speed, with long-lasting batteries and machines that can contend with the demands of even the most gruelling KPIs.

While saving costs and ensuring optimum output, the right rental programme will also drive efficiencies across the organisation. Offering affordable payment options that suit businesses of every size, iStore Business’ Rental Programme comes with a three year warranty on equipment (as opposed to one year from date of purchase) and notable cost savings.

This also gives businesses the option to upgrade regularly, ensuring teams have access to the latest technology without first having to sell owned equipment.

Now businesses can enjoy the added benefit of reliable flexibility, with total power to upgrade equipment when needed, or return equipment should the size or demands of the business change.

Through rentals, maintenance is also managed by the equipment owner or service provider, removing that burden from the business.

To sweeten the deal, iStore Business also affords customers the option to trade in old equipment (Apple or not), effectively lowering their rental rate with reduced monthly instalments.

Lastly, when it comes to ongoing support, a rental agreement ensures the business can rely on steadfast support. With a 90-day free support offering, iStore Business’ team of experts will ensure teams have what they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it – from setup to delivery, technical support, and more.

When it comes to computer hardware, technology, and the latest solutions, the pros of renting no doubt outweigh the cons. In a fast paced world, smart business decisions will drive teams to keep up, thrive, and flourish.

Contact iStore Business for a free, non-obligatory consultation to unpack your technical needs and propose the right rental solution for your business.

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