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Join South Africa’s solar rooftop revolution and be part of the solution!

 ·23 Jun 2023

Illuminate your path to energy independence with Hohm Energy, the leading solar fintech marketplace platform in South Africa.

Guided by our mission to liberate our clients from the shackles of skyrocketing energy costs and the inconsistency of energy supply, we’re committed to and are delivering clean, sustainable energy that powers not just homes but entire communities.

Our state-of-the-art Solar as a Service (SaaS) software acts as your personal solar advisor throughout your entire solar journey. It helps you dissect your solar requirements, connects you with vetted installers, and gives you access to Tier-1 quality-assured solar products at competitive prices.

Moreover, with a host of finance options available, suited to your budget, the switch to a cleaner, sustainable energy future can now become a stress-free, efficient journey.

Taking a personalised view of, and understanding the diversity in our client’s financial preferences, we offer an array of flexible financing options:


If you have the necessary funds available, paying in cash with an initial deposit is often the easiest and quickest solution. 

Home Loan Extensions: 

One of the best ways to finance your solar solution is by extending your existing home loan. 

This approach integrates the investment into your current loan structure, providing a convenient and streamlined solution through our partnerships with FNB, Nedbank, Ooba and BetterBond for existing bonds and new purchases, where you are able to apply to add the cost of the solar solution to your bond. It’s an appealing option for FNB home loan clients with a built-in Solar Finance Loan in their home loan package.

Subscribe to the Power of the Sun:  

In collaboration with a new pioneering fintech firm, we’re about to introduce our solar subscription offering on the Hohm platform. For a fixed monthly fee covering all installation costs, maintenance and monitoring, you gain access to the immense power of solar energy from a system tailored to your needs. Solar, simplified – in just a few clicks. *coming soon

Dedicated Solar Financing:

Together with reputable financial institutions like Nedbank MFC, we’ve designed bespoke asset-backed financing solutions exclusively for solar projects. 

Hohm Energy’s user-centric platform offers a customised solar proposal in a matter of minutes. The intuitive and straightforward process allows you to evaluate various financing options and pick the one that aligns with both your energy aspirations and financial reality.

Our upcoming innovative solar subscription offering presents a solar subscription model, allowing you to leverage the power of rooftop solar with financial ease. 

Let’s unite to brighten the path towards a more sustainable tomorrow. With Hohm Energy, every homeowner can play a part in shaping a more energy-efficient future.

Visit today, sign up for solar here and pick a financing option that suits your financial needs right now. 

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