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Microsoft Surface – The ultimate tech ecosystem for South African businesses

 ·27 Jun 2023

Microsoft Surface laptops, tablets, and smart products are ideal for improving your employees’ productivity.

These devices are made by the same company that makes their Windows operating system – Microsoft – and thanks to this, the Surface range provides a more tailored user experience to businesses, schools, and organisations through superior connectivity, flexibility, and functionality.

Productivity first

One of the most valuable features of Microsoft Surface devices is that they can be controlled and managed down to the firmware level by your IT team.

This is done using Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which allows companies to optimise their employees’ systems to their specific needs.

It also gives companies greater insight into each device’s health, including whether all appropriate security measures are in place and working appropriately.

Equally important are the impressive collaborative capabilities that Microsoft Surface devices offer, thanks to their support for the vast ecosystem of Microsoft 365 productivity tools.

If you are already using Microsoft 365, switching your company to Surface devices will noticeably improve the value you receive from these solutions – particularly businesses operating remote or hybrid working schedules.

Working on the go

Further complementing Microsoft 365’s productivity solutions are the hardware and security features installed in every Surface device.

This includes high-quality, large batteries that will keep your remote employees working all day when on the go.

This improved battery life is also beneficial for South Africans working from home who need enough battery life to keep working through periods of intense load-shedding.

These remote workers will also benefit from the increased security capabilities of their Microsoft Surface devices – particularly when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Microsoft Surface devices use a chip-to-cloud security structure to protect employees and employers from potential data breaches in these situations.

They come with facial recognition software, too, providing extra security when unlocking your device. This is in addition to enhanced support for Windows-based security features like Defender.

Get your Microsoft Surface devices

Leading ICT distributor Tarsus Distribution offers a wide range of Microsoft Surface devices in South Africa, which all offer unrivalled performance and features.

These devices each cater to different types of users – from those who want a 2-in-1 for versatility, to powerful laptops that can handle even the most difficult of tasks.

The Microsoft Surface devices available from Tarsus Distribution include:

  • Surface Laptop 5
  • Surface Pro 9
  • Surface Laptop Studio
  • Surface Go 3
  • Surface Laptop Go 2
  • Surface Hub 2

Tarsus Distribution has unrivalled expertise and experience with Microsoft Surface devices and can help you determine which ones suit your employees’ unique needs.

It also offers excellent support should you have any queries about your devices, and can help you maximize the value you receive from them.

Tarsus Distribution would love to help your business benefit from Microsoft’s Surface devices – click here to learn more.

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