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Overcoming payroll staff shortages: Effective approaches and importance

 ·4 Jul 2023

Recruiting payroll staff can be a daunting task, especially when considering how rare they are in today’s job market.

This scarcity of talent can lead to challenges within organisations, such as increased workload for existing staff, payment errors and potential non-compliance penalties.

Finding the time to address these shortages becomes a catch-22, overburdened payroll departments struggle to allocate resources to the hiring process. Whilst training existing staff may seem like a viable solution, often this proves to be time-consuming.

As the payroll staff shortage isn’t about to resolve itself any time soon, there are a few things you may need to consider:

  • What would you do if your current staff fall ill?
  • Are any members of staff nearing retirement?
  • What if one of your payroll staff resigned?

An outside payroll provider could provide some welcome relief, whether you choose to outsource your payroll function entirely or keep some of it in house.

But how do you make sure your payroll partner has the skills you need?

Your payroll provider should deliver a positive experience for employees, which means pay accuracy has to be a priority. Question if your payroll partner has experience in your region and industry, and if they’re familiar with in-country regulatory legislation.

Pay is just the start, your partner will need to factor in a list of variables such as holiday entitlements, employment contracts (permanent or temporary), training and professional development, and more.

The ability to adapt and change with your business shouldn’t be overlooked. A partner who can quickly produce sophisticated reports to suit your business is just the start, your payroll partner should be committed to understanding your business model.

With fewer qualified entrants into the HR and payroll space, it makes sense to partner with a provider who has the reputation, credentials and longevity to support your business.

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