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Discover the Future of Wideband DAS Connectivity with Zinwave

 ·7 May 2024

Bolton Technical, Wilson Electronics’ sole African distributor, is proud to announce the recent launch of Zinwave in Africa.

Join our panel of experts on May 28th 2024 as we dive deeper into this game-changing in-building cellular coverage solution that operates by converting RF signals to optical signals, allowing for huge coverage areas and greater scalability with our extensible components.

Zinwave enhances wireless communication inside buildings, ensuring your mobile phone and public safety two-way radios work perfectly even in challenging areas like elevators or basements.

It supports all current and future technologies from 150MHz to 5GHz, making it an essential solution for smart buildings and smart cities.

Imagine stepping into any building – whether it’s a shopping mall, a hospital, or your corporate office – and instantly having super-fast cell service, no matter where you are in the building.

What’s even more exciting is that Zinwave supports not just cellular signals, but also two-way radios and public safety communications.

Zinwave’s impressive functionality has ensured its ultra-wideband RF-over-fibre solutions are extremely popular globally, having been implemented in over 850 systems across 26 countries.

How Zinwave works

Zinwave’s system operates by converting RF signals to optical signals.

These optical signals are transmitted through fibre to hubs on different floors or critical areas, before connecting to remote units and indoor antennas on each floor.

These are the key features:

  • Ultra-Wideband – Covers all frequencies from 150MHz to 5 GHz with one hardware setup, supporting every <5GHz Mobile Network Operator Band.
  • Multi Technology – Compatible with technologies like TDD, FDD, P25, TETRA, DMR, LTE, WCDMA, and GSM, including MIMO on a single hardware layer.
  • Futureproof – Allows the addition of new frequencies and technologies without hardware or software changes.
  • Efficient – Low power usage with high output, delivering 25 dBm composite power to each antenna.
  • Reliable – Industry-leading reliability with a return rate below 0.5%, maintained through rigorous quality control and compliance with major regulatory standards.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Bolton Technical

Bolton Technical helps you get the most out of these features through expert consultation, site surveys, IBWave system design, seamless installation, and comprehensive support for Zinwave integrations throughout Africa.

Bolton is a frontrunner in wireless communication solutions in South Africa and the sole distributor of Wilson Electronics brands in Africa.

Bolton Technical provides essential products for boosting cellular connectivity, including cellular repeaters, antennas, RF accessories, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Its commitment to advanced technology and exceptional service continues to drive connectivity advancements across the continent.

Are you ready to future-proof your wireless infrastructure and embrace the full spectrum of connectivity?

Join Bolton Technical’s exclusive webinar to explore the advanced capabilities of Zinwave’s Ultra-Wideband technology.

During the webinar, you will learn how this single hardware solution can support every frequency from 150MHz to 5 GHz, ensuring your network is equipped for today’s needs and tomorrow’s innovations.

Click here to secure your spot today and lead the way in next-generation wireless solutions.

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