SqwidNet launches IoT entrepreneurship programme

SqwidNet, a licensed Sigfox IoT network operator, has announced the launch of its entrepreneurship programme, (IoT)E – IoT to the power E.

This programme aims to empower entrepreneurs who would like to develop their skills and knowledge to become established players in the IoT ecosystem nationally and internationally.

SqwidNet is currently rolling out an ultra-narrowband Sigfox IoT network in South Africa, and aggressively growing its coverage.

The company’s Sigfox network enables low-cost, low-power, and secure connectivity for IoT data transmission upon which IoT devices, platforms, applications, and solutions can be developed.

Citing data from the IDC, SqwidNet said that the IoT market opportunity for the Middle East and Africa region is poised to grow by 10% CAGR, from $85.1 billion in 2017 to $114.4 billion by 2020.

The company said it will ensure the necessary skills and knowledge to operate in this industry are imparted to all who are interested.

“The next wave of entrepreneurship and innovation for Africa must come from within the continent itself. Over the years we have seen our continent’s engineers and entrepreneurs have great ideas, but often lack the means and sometimes even the tools to convert these ideas into viable businesses.

“Our programme is designed to not only provide the necessary tools, but also give guidance to enable these brilliant minds to take their products to market,” said Reshaad Sha, CEO SqwidNet.

The (IoT)E programme will focus on three key development areas during a three-day workshop:

  • Device Development – During the first day of the workshop, SqwidNet and its device ecosystem partners will facilitate a makers workshop. The participants will be given development kits and taken through the process of building a device with sensors to solve real-world sensing and monitoring problems.
  • Software and Analytics – On the second day, participants will be introduced to IoT software platforms, giving them the opportunity to create basic dashboards to analyse the high-level data being collected in the device they developed.
  • Business Skills – The third and final day of the workshop will focus on providing participants with a high level of business acumen skills.

The workshop will be followed by a weekly webinar over a period of six weeks where participants will be afforded the opportunity to interact with and learn from experts in device development, platform development and entrepreneurship.

Potential participants should submit their motivations on twitter using the hashtag #iotep or tagging @sqwidnet in their tweet. Alternatively, those interested in participating can send an email to [email protected]

The company said that 25 individuals will be selected as the first round of participants, and will start their programme in January 2018.

SqwidNet, with its channel and ecosystem partners, said it will make available a funding pool that could be accessed by the participants to enable entrepreneurs to go from prototype to production.

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SqwidNet launches IoT entrepreneurship programme