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SA city buses get free 100Mbps Wi-Fi

SA city buses get free 100Mbps Wi-Fi

Project Isizwe has teamed up with RADWIN, a provider broadband wireless solutions, to provide free Wi-Fi on board buses in the City of Tshwane – with up to 100Mbps throughput per bus.

Since the project was launched in December 2014, over 200,000 unique users have used the Tshwane Free Wi-Fi service onboard buses, with total data usage of 30 Terabytes.

Project Isizwe – a non-profit organisation which brings Internet to low income communities across South Africa – spearheaded the project.

In the first phase of project deployment, RADWIN’s FiberinMotion base stations were deployed along the A Re Yeng line from Pretoria Central to Hatfield and over 30 buses were equipped with FiberinMotion Vehicular Mobile Units (VMUs).

Kgosiento Ramokgopa, the mayor of the City of Tshwane said: “Onboard the buses passengers have access to connectivity. Connectivity remains uninterrupted so you are able to do your assignments, email assignments and communicate with friends at no cost. So that is the true value.”

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  • Shreez

    This is such a waste of money.
    Very unlikely that people who use buses can afford smart devices which support such high speeds.
    This money would be better spent on expanding a metro fibre network for more FTTH termination points.

    • McLUVIN

      So that you can be benefited? Do you realize that we need everyone connected not only spoiled brats.

      Once this rolls out to routes that serves poorer communities, there will be an immense benefit to the people who need it.

      • ChantOlive

        the poor use taxis…not Tshwane buses.

        • McLUVIN

          Yes, because the poor can’t afford the R6 for a Tshwane trip to town, but can afford the R8-12 for the same trip in a taxi.

          • ChantOlive

            Because the Tshwane bus routes don’t go to all the places where the poor live …

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  • ChantOlive

    “Project Isizwe has teamed up with RADWIN, a provider broadband wireless solutions, to provide free Wi-Fi on board buses in the City of Tshwane”

    so…if it’s “free”…..who the @$%@#$@ is paying for it!! I bet its us @$#@$ idiot ratepayers again!

  • VaMutuki

    They will be stoned by Taxi drivers

  • Mohamed Patel

    Awesome! Just drive behind the bus for free roaming wifi 😀

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