23 day schools in South Africa that charge more than R100,000 a year for tuition

Private schools are by far the most expensive options for education in country, particularly when looking at the cost of full board for learners. However, in many cases, the boarding fees make up as much as half of the costs.

While 17 boarding schools in 2018 can now set parents back over R200,000 for a year of full board and tuition, when you look at the price of tuition alone – which is available for day learners, or pupils that commute to school every day – the picture changes a bit.

When looking at day school prices, Kearsney College is the most expensive school in the country charging R166,650 a year for tuition alone. The school is not alone in charging over R100,000 for school, though, with at least 22 other schools pushing past that mark in 2018.

It should be noted that aside from the prestige, tradition, and beautiful facilities and grounds, the fees also cover tuition, games, ordinary medical attention, and the use of facilities.

They also generally include other benefits, such as basic entertainment arranged for learners, and transport for sporting and other events.

Most schools do not include additional fees in this amount. Additional fees can typically relate to various levies, such as IT and infrastructure, as well as further costs for food, extra mural activities and trips.

Many ‘legacy’ schools also offer a discount to learners attending the same school as their older siblings.

The fees listed below are as they appear on the various schools’ web pages, and cover tuition only. Fees are for the highest level of learning available (up to grade 12), and do not include levies, admission fees, or optional extras.

23 most expensive day schools in South Africa (2018)

School 2018 tuition
Kearnsney College R166 650
St John’s College R145 488
Roedean School for Girls R142 973
St Martin’s R139 100
Bishops, Rondebosch R137 260
St Stithians R135 750
Kingsmead College R132 870
Crawford College Sandton R132 830
St Alban’s College R130 470
St Mary’s, Waverley R129 780
Redhill School R129 521
Crawford College La Lucia R126 390
St Andrew’s School for Girls, Senderwood R126 110
 St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria  R120 540
Crawford College Lonehill R119 220
Crawford College Pretoria R118 280
Kingswood College R115 860
St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown R113 085
St Cyprian’s  R110 000
Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown R109 940
Crawford College North Coast R107 470
The Wykeham Collegiate R105 920
Somerset College R105 403

While Hilton College and Michaelhouse in the KZN midlands are by far the most expensive in general, they do not offer day class options, and have been excluded from the above listing. Below is a table with the most expensive schools for full board, including these two schools.

20 most expensive boarding schools in South Africa (2018)

School 2018 Full board and tuition
Michaelhouse R265 680
Hilton* R253 660*
St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown R252 990
Roedean School for Girls R252 341
Kearnsney College R242 220
Bishops, Rondebosch R240 380
St Mary’s, Waverley R234 540
St Andrew’s School for Girls, Senderwood R233 810
St Stithians R232 640
St Martin’s R232 120
St Alban’s College R229 410
St John’s College R227 815
Kingswood College R221 370
Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown  R219 420
St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria R209 675
Somerset College R208 515
St Cyprian’s R204 000
The Wykeham Collegiate R196 600
Crawford College North Coast  R193 330
Treverton College R191 840

* 2017 fees

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23 day schools in South Africa that charge more than R100,000 a year for tuition