3 countries South Africans visited the most over the past year

 ·14 Feb 2024

Discovery published its Vitality Year in Review 2023 report, revealing the top three countries South Africans travelled to last year using Vitality Travel.

Discovery Vitality recently released its 2023 Year in Review analysis, which mostly touches on the number of healthy activities undertaken by its members engaging in the Vitality programme.

The statistics give context to the scale of Vitality members’ workouts, healthy food choices and rewards from the year.

Regarding its health benefits, Discovery noted that in the twelve months of 2023, Vitality members collectively walked, ran, swam, and cycled a staggering 1,713 times the distance to the moon.

These activities were recorded through over 87 million workouts, measured through linked fitness devices and the Vitality fitness partner network.

However, another interesting aspect of Discovery’s analysis was the data on flight trends using Vitality Travel.

According to the analysis, the busiest day for flights in South Africa was 1 May 2023, while the busiest day of the week was a Sunday. The report further noted that approximately 2,338 members flew daily in 2023 – the equivalent of 14 full planes.

According to Discovery, the most popular countries visited by South Africans were the United Kingdom (London), the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and Mauritius.

While interesting to note, it’s unsurprising that these countries were the most popular among Vitality members who chose to travel last year.

Both London and Dubai are among the top cities in the world – featuring Mercer’s 2023 Quality of Living survey for expatriates – while Mauritius is a top holiday destination for South Africans, being only four hours away by plane.

Additionally, The UK has become a major recruiter of South African talent and skilled workers, while the UAE and Mauritius are among the top destinations for South Africa’s High-Net-Worth individuals (HNWIs).

According to digital outsourcing and consulting firm Strider Digital, South African professionals have found better work opportunities with international companies – specifically the United Kingdom (UK) – because South Africa is among their first choices for talent scouting.

Henley & Partners’ private wealth migration report also noted that it expected South Africa to say goodbye to 500 HNWIs who likely emigrated in 2023. The second most popular destination for these wealthy individuals – behind Australia – is the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

This is due to its low tax rates, luxury lifestyle and real estate, quality international education system, and all-year-round leisure activities. It is also one of the leading destinations for migrant South Africans.

Mauritius is also becoming one of the biggest retirement destinations in the world, with the island offering good tax incentives for South Africans.

International agents and Mauritian developers said that sales on leading developments on the island have seen unprecedented growth recently, with Brits, Europeans and South Africans viewing the island as a “safe haven.”

The nation is also incredibly safe and politically stable, giving retirees a sense of security.

At the same time, however, Mauritius is only a four-hour flight from SA, which means that retirees can more easily maintain their existing social connections and visit for those all-important family occasions and reunions with old friends.

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