Movie ticket prices in South Africa: Ster-Kinekor vs Nu Metro

Ster-Kinekor has hiked its ticket prices recently, with some theatres charging as much as 20% more than in early 2018, reports MyBroadband.

Nu Metro, its major competitor, by comparison, has left its prices unchanged, although it previously implemented a lofty hike for its “Scene VIP” cinemas as well as cheaper theatres like Mountain Mill in Worcester.

A 3D movie at one of Ster-Kinekor’s top-tier cinemas went from R98 to R107, and tickets for 2D shows went from R77 to R85, MyBroadband noted.

Ster-Kinekor also brought the disparate pricing of its various cineplexes inline with one another.

MyBroadband also pointed out that Ster-Kinekor no longer uses “Classic” and “Junction” to differentiate between its cinemas, but they remain useful terms to help group the company’s pricing tiers.

Signs bearing the terms may also still be seen outside malls around South Africa, it said.

Tier/Location 2D/3D Price
Opera 2D R121
NT Live 2D R181
Cinema Prestige 2D / 3D R154
IMAX 2D / 3D R142
D-BOX 2D / 3D R186
Nouveau 2D R88
“Classic” 2D / 3D R85 / R107
CapeGate, Blue Route, Bayside 2D / 3D R85 / R107
Centurion, Ilanga, Musgrave, Northgate, Northmead 2D / 3D R77 / R92
“Junction” 2D / 3D R77 / R92
N1 City, South Gate 2D / 3D R54 / R81
Maponya, Parow, Promenade, Newtown Junction 2D / 3D R54 / R81
Promenade 2D / 3D R54 / R81
Sterland 2D / 3D R35 / R52

Nu Metro, MyBroadband noted, has not increased its prices since May 2018.

Cinema 2D/3D Price
4DX 4DX R175
Scene VIP (Tier 1) 3D / 2D R140
Scene VIP (Tier 1) 3D / 2D R125 / R110
Scene VIP (Trade Route) 2D R100
Scene Xtreme 3D / 2D R130
Standard Cinema 3D / 2D R100 / R80
Mountain Mill (Worcester) 2D R58
Mams Mall 2D R39

It should also be noted that Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor have loyalty and partner programmes that offer discounts on tickets.

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Movie ticket prices in South Africa: Ster-Kinekor vs Nu Metro