Major speeding fine problem in South Africa ahead of Easter

 ·31 Mar 2021

Prosecutors have warned of legal problems around speeding cameras and fines in South Africa ahead of the Easter weekend.

The issues have arisen due to minister of trade and industry Ebrahim Patel failing to publish regulations for the calibration and verification of speed measurement equipment before a 31 March deadline – a requirement under the Legal Metrology Act.

A senior prosecutor at the National Prosecuting Authority told Die Burger that valid calibration and verification certificates for equipment such as speed cameras is a legal requirement, or else a motorist cannot be prosecuted.

The opposition Democratic Alliance and provincial traffic authorities have both warned that the oversight could prove disastrous as traffic is expected to pick up over the festive weekend.

Road Traffic Management Corporation spokesperson Simon Zwane told BusinessTech that issue is currently being worked on, and that discussions were ongoing with regulators to extend the deadline.

He added that this issue fell under the ambit of the Department of Trade and Industry, but authorities were hopeful that the issue would be resolved today.

As the Easter weekend approaches, those who will be on the road need to be prepared for the increased traffic over the next few days, said chief executive of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert.

“With lockdown levels lowered to level one, many people are likely to be on the road this Easter.

“I would like to encourage each driver who will be on the roads, either travelling to holiday destinations or moving between family and friends, to use the power of hindsight and learn from previous busy periods.

“Each year, causes of crashes are similar and indicate what drivers should do to reduce their risk when driving this holiday period.”

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