These are the 10 most promising startups in South Africa

Seedstars South Africa recently held its grand final, selecting the 10 best startups across South Africa.

The event forms part of Seedstars World, a Switzerland based startup competition that takes place in over 65 emerging markets around the world.

The purpose of the competition is to identify the best seed-stage (high-potential, capital required) startups, give them pitch training and award the winners with an opportunity to compete in the Seedstars Summit where one of them will be crowned Seedstars World Global Winner.

This year’s South African winner was EM Guidance, an app designed for medical professionals allowing them to connect to trusted, on-the-ground, local clinical facilitation and medicines information across the globe.

It allows users, hospitals, companies and institutions to upload their own documentation and then following a thorough editorial and vetting process, publishes the information in mobile form for all users to access.

The medical information is available at a granular level (country, province or even hospital) and the app aims to find the most relevant guideline and protocol content for based on your needs.


Commuscore is based on the fact that low income earners, financially active in stokvels, are financially excluded from the formal financial market due to lack of credit identity. Using an alternative credit scoring model, the app focuses on the savings schemes and loan repayments that happen in the informal market in order to help build an identity.

Empty Trips

Empty Trips is an online trip exchange using smart technology to match and connect spare capacity on vehicles to those requiring goods transported. According to the company, the industry is faced with 30-40% inefficiency in the form of empty return legs, so by using its smart-mapped spaces it also reduces wastage. In doing so it is also able to connect transporters, brokers and shippers with one another.

GreenFingers Mobile

GreenFingers Mobile is a mobile software-as-a-service platform which manages and finances large groups of smallholder farmers in value chains. As working with smallholder farmers is uneconomical for many agri-organisations and financial service providers due to high transaction costs, GreenFingers aims to provide a technology platform, replacing pen and paper based management systems with real time big data.


One of the few non-app startups on this list, HomeFarm is designed as a take-home product allowing you to grow and cultivate your own nutritious food. The farm is designed to be completely organic and uses clever technology such as watering and lighting cycles as well as “dosing cartridges” with a balance of pH and nutrient solutions to properly feed your plants.


A credit and cashflow focused startup, Invoiceworx is aimed at helping provide credit to the financially excluded market, with a specific focus on trade finance. It sources credit lines with big suppliers then offers these to small retailers who would otherwise not be able to gain access to them. It then makes money by negotiating trade discounts with its suppliers on the inventory sold to the small retailers.

Lenoma Legal

A website aimed at business owners, Lenoma Legal is an online legal e-commerce platform which allows for clients to access legal services and legal documents at an affordable price. It also provides startups and small to medium-sized businesses with legal solutions similar to those offered by a large law-firm but within the budgets of these smaller businesses.


An IoT-focused solution, mbora transforms basic booths and kiosks into smart, connected and enabled sales and distribution channels using mobile internet and solar power. The IoT-enabled sensing suite delivers real-time visibility to a service provider across its entire network allowing owners to easily monitor and track their stores.

Muzi Tech

Muzi Tech provides a secure cloud-based storage for HIV screening/ testing and medication collection data capture. Using your smartphone, the app accurately interprets RDTs, generates electronic health records and gathers valuable epidemiology data.


A digital currency/rewards programme, the mobile wallet enables its users to earn Zlto rewards through community development, personal and skills development, health and well-being. The merchant platform then enables local merchants to accept Zlto and manages the integration through na automated or pre-generated coupon system.

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These are the 10 most promising startups in South Africa