Scammers are ‘spoofing’ caller ID numbers when calling customers: Standard Bank

Standard Bank has warned its customers to be wary of an increase in ‘vishing’ scams.

Vishing relies on ‘social engineering’ techniques to trick you into providing information that fraudsters can use to defraud your bank accounts.

Criminals in these scams typically target confidential information such as account details, online and mobile banking login details, card numbers, ATM PINs and one-time passwords.

“You will receive a phone call from someone pretending to be a bank representative that requires your information, claiming that they are either verifying your details or assisting to resolve a problem with your bank account,” Standard Bank said.

“In some cases, you receive an unverified SMS saying that the bank will soon be in touch to update or confirm your details, and then you receive the call.”

It said that fraudsters will often tell you that if you fail to upgrade, verify or confirm your personal account information, access to your account will be suspended.

“This doesn’t give you much time to think about the situation at hand or speak to people you trust.”

“Do not rely on call line identification (CID) alone to authenticate a caller. Criminals spoof CID numbers. They may appear to be calling from a legitimate company or a local number even when they’re not in the same country as you.”

“Should you receive a phone call requesting confidential or personal information, do not compromise your information and rather end the call.”

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Scammers are ‘spoofing’ caller ID numbers when calling customers: Standard Bank