Changes coming to WhatsApp in 2024

 ·26 Jan 2024

2023 was an eventful year for Meta, as it introduced numerous updates to its instant messaging platform, WhatsApp – and the group has even more planned for 2024.

Last year saw the popular messaging app gain the ability to edit messages after they had been sent, send HD videos and images, and the ability to share screens, to name a few.

BankMyCell estimates that in 2023, WhatsApp had an estimated 2.7 billion monthly active users, positioning it as the most widely-used mobile chat application.

The company regularly adds new capabilities to its mobile app, and 2024 is going to be no different.

According to WABetaInfo, a company that keeps track of everything to do with WhatsApp, there are some exciting updates to be expected:

File sharing feature to people nearby

Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is working on bringing a feature to share files with people nearby to a future update of the app.

WABetaInfor said that “both users will need to open this section to send and receive files, ensuring secure sharing within close proximity. It appears that it will be needed to shake the device to generate a share request, maintaining a controlled approach to file exchanges.”

Thee company says that it will offer advantages by being able quickly share files with nearby people as “it’s ideal for situations where a fast and direct transfer is required.”

In addition, the phone number always remains hidden to non-contacts, ensuring privacy and security in every file exchange.

Share status updates to Instagram

Meta applications enable users to share and post content across multiple platforms.

This means that users can share a reel or message on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time. However, WhatsApp was left out of this – until 2024.

WABetaInfo said that the “suggestion will appear through a convenient shortcut presented to users immediately after posting a new status.”

Share video or music in video calls

Source: WABetaInfo

The feature works for individual and group calls and effectively creates a virtual movie-watching or content-sharing session by allowing users share videos or songs on their device live during a call.

Several versions of WhatsApp for Android beta currently allow for this function.

WABetaInfo says that this would go a long way towards promoting a “sense of togetherness” and “intimacy” in calls.

Marks chat as end-to-end encrypted

Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is testing a new feature to assist users in end-to-end encrypted conversations. The feature will include a padlock icon with the label “End-to-End Encrypted” displayed prominently at the top of the app bar.

This is to assure users that their private messages are secure and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

WABetaInfo says that the new caption that marks chats as end-to-end encrypted is under development and it will be available in a future update of the app

Custom themes

Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is in the process of developing a feature that will enable users to select from five different colors to serve as the primary branding color of the app.

The available color options include the default green, blue, white, pink, and purple.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may also introduce another feature in the future that will allow users to change the color of their chat bubbles.

Meta Verified badges for businesses

Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is working on a Meta Verified badge for WhatsApp Business accounts to enhance their “trustability”, which would be similar to the badges available on Facebook or Instagram.

This badge aims to help users identify legitimate WhatsApp Business accounts and avoid scammers posing as the company.

The Meta Verified badge will replace the current WhatsApp Premium subscription, which offers users a custom business link and the ability to link up to 10 devices to the same account.

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