Vodacom now offering eSIMS for smartphones in South Africa

 ·21 Jun 2023

Vodacom will now offer eSIM support for smartphones across its prepaid, top-up/hybrid and postpaid contracts.

eSIMS – otherwise known as embedded SIMS – allow for the eradication of physical SIM cards entirely, eliminating the need to manufacture and ship plastic, Vodacom said.

Whereas a physical SIM card has unique identifying information that allows a mobile device to connect to a network securely, an eSIM stores that information in a few lines of code on a dedicated chip built into the phone rather than on a removable card.

“As technology advances, so too do the needs of our users. Our drive to adapt and launch solutions that address our customers’ changing needs is driven by market trends and insights informed by consumer requests,” said Rishaad Tayob, Consumer Business Director at Vodacom South Africa.

“The introduction of eSIM support for smartphones could not have come at a better time as research shows that the number of eSIM-enabled smartphones in the market is growing rapidly,” said Rishaad Tayob, Consumer Business Director at Vodacom South Africa.

Vodacom added that customers could connect via the Self Rica Process to activate their numbers digitally via a QR code-based eSIM activation method.

“We are always looking for new ways to extend our capabilities and simplify connectivity for our customers in today’s digital world,” added Tayob.

It added that its network of eSIM-enabled devices has grown to surpass one million users following its introduction of wearables under the OneNumber brand in 2019.

“Looking at this number, we can confidently say we are well on our way to achieving our goal of keeping our customers connected to people and things. This only motivates us more to continue to innovate to address our customers’ changing lifestyle and communication needs,” said Tayob.

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