We are coming for white institutions in 2016: EFF

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it has established a ‘special team’ that is working on the occupation of Absa branches across the country.

It said that Absa is specifically targeted because of its historical connection with the Broederbond.

“The occupation of Absa branches will begin in 2016 on a date not to be disclosed. The CIC (Commander in Chief) Julius Malema will personally be leading the occupation,” the EFF said in a statement.

The political party is the third most popular in the country, and has continued to gather momentum in 2015, having attained 6% of the vote in the 2014 elections.

“The EFF is specifically targeting white monopoly capital institutions that have enjoyed protection of government. When people are marching against white monopoly capital, government has always demonstrated its willingness to use violence to defend their interests,” the statement said.

“The EFF with the occupation of Absa branches is taking the fight to white capital. It is a struggle that is unstoppable. The EFF will not rest until the inequality gap is closed and wealth is shared among the people of this country.”

It said  that many other institutions will be identified for occupation following the the occupation of Absa.

Malema has recently returned from a tour to England which included speaking at the Oxford Union at Oxford University and meeting with academics, international firms, the SA Chamber of Commerce in London.

In a television interview with BBC HARDtalk, Malema said that local businesses must surrender 51% of their shares to the workers.

“They have exploited the wealth of the country for too long,” he said.

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We are coming for white institutions in 2016: EFF