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New ASUS ZenScreen – The perfect answer for the professional on the go

For years, notebooks have performed admirably in allowing professionals to get work done while out of the office.

However, these devices are limited by their compact form, which often sacrifices the quality or size of the display to fit the other essential components into a travel-friendly build.

Dragging along a large and cumbersome display to address this is not a realistic option. Port availability on your laptop can also be a problem, as many of these displays use HDMI or DisplayPort interfaces – of which fewer are being included in the latest ultra-thin business laptops.

Whether you are a content creator who needs to edit with precision or showcase your work with flair, or a corporate employee who wants to dish out dual-monitor presentations or slideshows, ASUS’s ZenScreen MB16AC is the device you are looking for.

How it works

The ZenScreen MB16AC is a portable Full HD monitor which is powered and provided with video signal through a single USB cable.

The world’s first portable monitor with a hybrid-signal solution with both USB-C and DisplayLink technology enables any laptop or other host device with a USB 3.0 Type-A or Type-C port to get connected with a suitable cable.

Superb display

The ZenScreen boasts a 15.6-inch 1,920 x 1,080 IPS display. These panels produce vivid colors, sharp details and a high contrast ratio from wide viewing angles.

Additionally, the display comes with ASUS Eyecare technology, including an adjustable Low Blue Light Filter and Flicker-Free technology.

These features help reduce the strain on your eyes, protecting you from harmful blue light and other damaging ailments, especially when you spend long, countless hours in front of a display.

Designed for travel

The ZenScreen’s ergonomic design means it weighs a light 780g and measures a mere 8mm in thickness. Carrying it around on work trips will therefore be no issue.

Its sleek design is further exemplified by the screen’s super narrow bezel of 6.5mm, giving the device a true premium aesthetic.

Included with the display is a foldable smart case, which adds protection and can be used to position the display in either a landscape or vertical orientation. The display automatically senses its position and adjusts the picture accordingly.

If you prefer not to use the smart case, you can simply insert a normal pen through the smart pen hole, which also acts as a propping mechanism. 

Get yours now

The Asus ZenScreen MB16AC will help you optimize your productivity from wherever you need to work.

This ZenScreen is available for R4,099 from Takealot.

The images below show a number of use-cases for the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC.

This article was published in partnership with ASUS.

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New ASUS ZenScreen – The perfect answer for the professional on the go