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How your business can own the latest iPhones for less – Finance Deals from iStore Business

Your smartphone works hard. It sees you through your 9-5, making sure you never miss out on essential communication, meetings, or that next big deal.

Typical business requirements are for a smartphone to last 2 years. When budgets are stretched, companies may extend this to 3 years.

The iPhone 8, therefore, is a fantastic and affordable choice of smartphone for business. The iPhone 8 is compatible with iOS 13, Apple’s latest operating system upgrade.

It also has a full Retina Display, is AR compliant, and boasts an average battery life of 13 hours. This is a great choice for companies looking to upgrade their current iPhone 6.

Don’t let your assumptions around the cost of an upgrade hold you back from ensuring your employees can perform at their peak, either.

iStore Business has great deals you should consider, so your team doesn’t have to continue working on aging technology. Take a look:

Option 1: iStore Business Upfront Rental Payment

This payment option has been designed for clients who want to pay the least amount, and give the benefit of ownership to their employees.

The company pays a fixed fee upfront, and employees retain the option to purchase the handset at the end of the rental period, for a pre-agreed rate.

This encourages good practice in looking after the device, saves the company money, and gives a benefit back to the employee.


  • New device: iPhone 8 – RRP R9,999
  • Up-front 24 month rental fee: R7,250 ex VAT

Option 2: iStore Business Guaranteed Pre-Owned

iStore Business offers guaranteed pre-owned iPhones.

These handsets have been assessed by our Apple Certified Technicians and come with a  limited 12-month warranty.

An iPhone 8 starts from R6,499 – that’s a saving of R3,500 per device.

Option 3: iStore Business Rentals with Trade-In

Trade-in your current smartphone to offset the costs of a newer one.

We arrange a trade-in valuation at your nearest iStore where our qualified technicians will assess your goods and provide a value.

This offer includes iCare+ valued at R1,999 ,for peace of mind.


  • New device: iPhone 8 – RRP R9,999
  • Tradein: iPhone 6, good condition
  • New price: R359 per month for 24 months
  • No Trade-in, no problem: R349 per month for 24 months, with 10% deposit

Upgrade Now

iStore Business has structured multiple ways for companies to access the latest technology that Apple has to offer.

Whether your business is already using Apple iPhones – and you’d like to upgrade to a newer, better model – or you simply want to introduce your team to the joy of working on Apple, iStore Business has a deal that’s right for you.

Please note that while the examples above offer prices for the iPhone 8, these finance options are available across the iPhone range.

Contact iStore Business to find out more about the ways you can choose to pay for the iPhone you are interested in for your business.

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How your business can own the latest iPhones for less – Finance Deals from iStore Business