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IBM QRadar SIEM – Unrivalled threat detection and response

 ·30 Mar 2022

IBM has more experience across the entire IT business stack than any other business in the world.

It has leveraged this unique knowledge, its unmatched patent volumes, and the latest technologies to build QRadar – a threat detection and response tool that blows its competitors away.

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Craig Botha, IBM Business Development Manager for Advanced Technologies at Axiz, states that IBM’s QRadar suite is unrivalled both in terms of its scope and its performance.

A big reason for this is IBM’s industry-defining AI tool – Watson, A world leading AI Engine.

“Over the years, Watson has won the game show Jeopardy, has argued and won legal cases, and has performed cancer diagnoses more effectively than human doctors,” said Botha.

“However, IBM has learned is that Watson is most effective in its security solutions, where it can integrate into all IBM products and do the work of three tiers of a traditional security team.”

Botha said that the embedded AI in the IBM security products can do anything from checking your routers, logs, and servers, to detecting abnormal or suspicious behaviour across all devices and resources connected to your business network.

An extensive portfolio

QRadar offers a vast range of Watson-powered security solutions, which means that businesses can pick and choose the services that best suit their needs.

These solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • QRadar NDR – Detect threats and anomalies on your network and respond to them using advanced analytics and superior network visibility.
  • QRadar Incident Forensics – Retrace the actions of potential attackers and conduct investigations into suspected malicious network security incidents.
  • QRadar User Behaviour Analytics – Detect malicious insiders and determine if credentials have been compromised by analysing user actions.

Businesses can choose from four levels of AI embedded IBM security solutions depending on their organizational needs, as well as SOC, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR options.

Choosing the right solutions

Botha recommends that businesses which are interested in IBM QRadar contact Axiz to learn more about which solutions best suit their needs.

“There are so many amazing solutions in the QRadar product line that it may look like you can just choose one off the shelf, but it is a little more complicated if you want to get it right,” said Botha.

“This is where we come in. We’ve got many years of experience with IBM’s QRadar security solutions and have a great relationship with IBM’s top experts in South Africa.”

“This relationship means we can even ask these experts to meet with you – and what they can show you will absolutely blow you away,” said Botha.

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