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Streamline your application monitoring with Cisco AppDynamics and MakwaIT

 ·20 Apr 2023

Cisco AppDynamics Cloud is an industry-leading platform that provides your organisation with real-time application performance monitoring (APM).

The solution covers every layer of your technology stack, from user experience to network and security – ensuring all aspects of your organisation experience the full benefits of APM.

APM solutions let you view all your applications through a single pane of glass, too, while leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) to run key processes like microservices, containerisation, and deep business management.

Cisco AppDynamics Cloud then stands out in the APM industry, thanks to its robust functionality and focus on helping your organisation become cloud native.

Data processing with AppDynamics Cloud

A cornerstone of Cisco AppDynamics Cloud’s effectiveness is its collection of extensive data from all your organisation’s applications and processes in real-time.

This helps you detect issues in your applications and workflows as they arise, and solve them before they have a tangible impact on your business operations.

The generation of these insights is driven by AI and machine learning, which accelerates and automates root-cause diagnosis and the remediation of these challenges using technologies like:

  • Automatic baseline calculation
  • Anomalous condition detection
  • Seasonality evaluation
  • Transaction scores
  • Application health alerts

These tools aren’t just for detecting issues, however – they can be used to make your existing applications run more smoothly. This will ultimately drive improved business efficiency and better results across the board.

In addition to this, AppDynamics is crucial for any organisation that wants to become cloud-native, as it provides a broad view of your application ecosystem through a single pane of glass.

Cloud migration becomes much easier as a result, thanks to a view of how your various IT systems interact with each other and how they would need to be implemented in the cloud.

If you want to run an efficient cloud-native business that experiences significant growth, it is therefore critical that you implement an APM solution like Cisco AppDynamics.


MakwaIT is a Cisco Gold partner and a certified reseller of Cisco’s AppDynamics solution in South Africa.

It has expert teams that plan, design, and implement solutions like AppDynamics and other customised offerings across its world-class product portfolio.

MakwaIT is also South Africa’s fastest-growing 100% black youth-owned technology company.

This growth is thanks to the success it has had working with SMBs and large enterprises across the finance, government, healthcare, mining, and retail industries over the years.

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