Coffee prices in South Africa: Starbucks vs the rest

Global coffee brand Starbucks has officially launched in South Africa with its first store opening in Rosebank on Thursday 21 April 2016.

At a pre-opening event on Wednesday evening, Starbucks revealed its much anticipated pricing structure. Along with an array of coffees, the stores will also serve pastries and cakes.

Starbucks markets itself as a premium brand, serving ‘gourmet’ coffee and other food products. In line with this perception, many expected the group’s prices to be on the upper-end of the spectrum.

However, Starbucks SA’s prices have come in at quite a competitive level, in many cases matching the competition in large (or ‘venti’) sized drinks. However, it is priced above its competitors on the smaller portions.

Starbucks interior 2

The table below compares Starbucks South Africa’s coffee prices to those offered at other South African outlets.

Starbucks pricing vs competitors

Company Americano Café Latte Cappuccino Espresso
Starbucks South Africa R22 – R38 R27 – R33 R27 – R33 R17 – R20
Vida e Caffè  – R20 – R26 R20 – R26 R15 – R20
Seattle Coffee
R18 – R26 R21 – R29 R21 – R29 R16 – R18
Mugg & Bean R21 R25 R20 – R26 R15
Wimpy  – R20 R19 – R25 R13 – R17
R21 R23 R21 – R33 R16 – R20
Europa R20 R24 R21 – R25 R17 – R21

Prices have been rounded up, where applicable.

The following graph shows hows Starbucks’ SA prices compare to the average price of all its competitors.

Starbucks small Starbucks large


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Coffee prices in South Africa: Starbucks vs the rest