What it’s like living in a R320,000 pod home in South Africa

The Pod-Idlala is a modular, prefabricated nano-home which is designed and manufactured in South Africa.

The home’s name ‘iDladla’ is slang for ‘my place’ and the pod is designed to be portable. Each pod is a standard size but can be coupled together in different configurations to create larger spaces.

The lightweight structure is suitable for any 24 square metre open space. It can be installed as an on-grid pod, connected to existing services, or alternatively as a stand-alone off-grid pod in more remote areas.

The pod requires small footings to help distribute its load on the specific soil type.

Depending on the location, it might also require earth-anchors. This means that pod requires council approval, but as a temporary structure the approval process is much simpler compared to a permanent structure.

The total area, including the mezzanine, for the bare bones option is 17 square metres, and it includes a deck.

To save on transport costs the prefabricated components are assembled on-site by an approved installer. Materials include standard drywall steel, aluminium, and wood.

Possible uses including as a studio space, rented cottage or holiday unit. The larger configuration options include cooking and task areas with en-suite ablutions for the master bedroom.

The ‘bare bones’ pod starts at R270,000 with additional consultation and appraisal fees costing an additional R33,000. Other modules range in price from R320,000 for the standard pod option, rising to R800,000 for the deluxe option.

  • Bare Bones – Living – R270,000
  • Starter – Living, eating, ablutions – R320,000
  • Deluxe – living, eating, ablutions, fitting – R800,000

You can find out more about the Pod-Idlala options, including the additional pricing and configuration options here.

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What it’s like living in a R320,000 pod home in South Africa