Gumtree beefs up its home rental services

Online classifieds website Gumtree has partnered property technology company HouseME as part of a new rental offering on its site.

Gumtree said it is now able to ensure that landlords are connected with prospective tenants faster and through a rigorous vetting process which reduces the risk for property owners.

HouseME uses smart technology to connect and vet tenants, collect rent and digitally coordinate the complete viewing, administration and payment process. HouseME costs landlords as little as 2.5% of rental. The company also offers a 3-month Rental Guarantee which ensures that landlords are paid on time every month, regardless of when the tenant makes the payment.

Its technology facilitates an online offer process which enables prospective tenants to place competing offers below or above the landlord’s asking price.

The company said that more than 98.7% of HouseME’s rentals are paid in full by tenants, easily beating the national average of 82%.

“We have more than 36,000 property rental listings and we know that linking up with HouseME will make life a lot easier, and more profitable, for many of the landlords who use Gumtree,” said Claire Cobbledick, Gumtree SA GM Director.

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Gumtree beefs up its home rental services