The 10 best-selling hatchbacks in South Africa – with one starting at R174,900

 ·10 Mar 2024

Despite the challenges faced by South Africa’s motor industry, hatchbacks remain very popular among those who can afford to purchase a new year, with the VW Polo Vivo being the best-selling hatchback in South Africa in February 2024.

Hatchbacks are versatile vehicles that provide practicality, affordability, and excellent fuel efficiency, making them ideal for daily use and city driving.

They are usually priced lower than other types of cars but offer similar features and performance, making them an appealing option for budget-conscious buyers searching for a reliable and efficient vehicle.

Another significant factor contributing to the popularity of hatchbacks in South Africa is their fuel efficiency.

With the increasing fuel prices, consumers are looking for cars with good mileage and lower fuel consumption.

Hatchbacks typically have smaller engines, which consume less fuel than larger vehicles.

According to Naamsa, the VW Polo Vivo remains South Africa’s favourite hatchback despite the industry-wide decline in sales – selling 1,861 in February 2024.

Additionally, in February, the Vivo was the second-best-selling passenger car in the country, just behind the Toyota Corolla Cross.

However, its sales decreased from over 2000 units sold in January.

The Suzuki Swift managed to repeat its success from last month and surpassed the Toyota Starlet to secure second place in the sales rankings, continuing the brand’s impressive sales performance that broke yet another record at the start of the year.

In February, the Swift sold 1,627 units, while the Starlet settled in third place with 1,481 units.

The fourth position saw a change in ranking, with the Hyundai Grand i10 moving up a spot with 1,263 units.

Meanwhile, the VW Polo dropped to fifth place with 988 units, indicating that only four hatchback models sold more than 1,000 units in February.

In the South African market, the top 10 hatchbacks had 9,368 sales last month, equivalent to 20.9% of the total 44,749 vehicles sold.

The Suzuki Baleno and Toyota Vitz maintained their positions in sixth and seventh place, respectively.

However, the Hyundai i20 surpassed the Suzuki S-Presso, placing eighth and ninth, respectively. Finally, the Renault Kwid was the last model to reach the top 10, with 280 units purchased.

Best-selling hatchbacks in South Africa

The top 10 best-selling hatchbacks in South Africa in February 2024, according to Naamsa’s latest vehicle sales report, are listed below.

1. VW Polo Vivo – 1,861 units

  • Starting price – R262,000

2. Suzuki Swift – 1,627 units

  • Starting price – R205,900

3. Toyota Starlet – 1,481 units

  • Starting price – R252,100

4. Hyundai Grand i10 (hatch+sedan) – 1,263 units

  • Starting price – R239,500

5. VW Polo – 988 units

  • Starting price – R351,700

6. Suzuki Baleno – 585 units

  • Starting price – R247,900

7. Toyota Vitz – 550 units

  • Starting price – R189,900

8. Hyundai i20 – 402 units

  • Starting price – R333,500

9. Suzuki S-Presso – 331 units

  • Starting price – R174,900

10. Renault Kwid – 280 units

  • Starting price – R196,999

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